According to the American Pet Products Association in 2018, roughly 68 percent of American households own at least one pet and have spent billions of dollars on pet services, such as grooming, pet daycare and pet sitting along with many others. With the money spent on pets increasing year after year, it would seem that if you have a love for pets, starting a pet business may be a great way to pursue your passion.

Pet Store

Owning a pet store can be a great way to work with pets. A pet store can be as general or specialized as you believe the market in your area can sustain. You can start a general pet store, or you can open a niche market that specializes in selling organic gourmet dog treats. However, you should make sure you do the proper market research in your area to determine if there is a demand for your business. Other practicalities of starting a pet store include training employees on correct animal care and figuring out which insurance you’ll need to cover your business. 

Another point to consider when starting a pet store is if you should start your own business or buy a franchise. While starting your own small business may be more rewarding, buying a franchise can help make starting your own business easier. However, it’s important to be careful of which franchise you decide to join, as some are more ethical than others in how they source and care for the animals that they sell.

Pet Grooming

Pet grooming is one of the most profitable pet businesses. However, there are many issues to consider before launching your own company. Not only would you need to research and be adept at handling many different pet breeds, but pet grooming is also something that is difficult to master without accumulating a lot of experience. One way you can advertise your business when you’re starting is to offer discounts for first-time customers. If you are starting a mobile pet grooming business, you can even advertise your service area, pricing, and schedule. Lastly, even though getting certified for pet grooming is not required, it can boost your reputability (and skills) greatly.

Pet Photographer

If you have a dual hobby in photography and pets, you could consider starting a pet photography business. As in wedding photography, pet photography requires a certain sense of timing to be able to capture special moments. This may require a lot of patience and energy to engage with the pet. Having the right equipment and understanding the personality of different breeds is essential to capture special moments for your client. Practicing to snap that perfect shot of excited, active or untrained pets is the best way to gain experience.

If you love animals, there are plenty of ways to channel that passion to start a pet business. As with all new business ventures, make sure you strategize and create the basic framework of your new business before launch. A proper business plan, along with good legal and accounting advice, is invaluable to being successful. A great business idea is only the start of forming a successful business.


If you want to work with animals but don’t want to start your own business, come and work with us!

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