Is your Dog or Cat, JUST a Dog or Cat?  Or, do you treat her like a part of the family?  Most of us do consider our pets to be an integral part of our family.  They are our constant, loyal and loving companions.  How much do we humanize our pets?  Do we treat our furry babies as we would our human babies?

In bad weather, do you dress-up your pet in a raincoat?  Or a winter sweater or vest?  Do you dress-up your pet in costume for Halloween?  Or for every major holiday?   Does your pet have a complete walk-in closet just for her?


There seem to be lots of variations on how pet parents view “dressing-up” their pets.  Extremes may go from balking at even putting on an “after the groomer’s” kerchief, to having a complete new outfit every day (think of Lisa Vanderpump’s Gigi on RHOBH watch this cute video).


Do you take it a step further and carry your pooch or kitty in a designer handbag?  Or, push them around in their very own stroller?










What about pawdicures, complete with colorful nail polish?  Vegetable dyes  to liven-up their coat?  A day at the spa with massage, reiki and fragrant oil?  A fruity facial?


There are so many types of relationships pet parents have with their furry kids.  Caesar Milan doesn’t agree with humanizing our pets (the scientific term is anthropomorphism).  Click Here to read what he has to say about it.  I say, as long as the pets enjoy it, Pamper Away!

spa wash  dog


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