Winter Exercise Tips For Dogs!

Even though the weather outside is frightful, your doggy friends still need to get their daily exercise. Not only is it important for their physical and mental health, but it is an important part of the relationship between you and your pup. Here are some ways to get those exercises in without having to go outside.

  1. Think of games to play with your dog. The most popular one-if space allows- is hide-and-seek. You can start by throwing a treat or snack to get their attention elsewhere and then running and hiding.
  2. Dog treadmills and indoor walking. They have treadmills especially for dogs, but if you have a treadmill of your own this will work as well with the right precautions. Make sure your dog gets used to it first and that it isn’t going too fast.
  3. Sign the pup up for a class. There are indoor classes for dogs such as swimming classes that have been offered at Zoomy Dogs in Durham and Dog Day Care offered by Camp Bow Wow and other nearby businesses.
  4. Practice Targeting. Help your dog focus on a target and touch their nose to it. This is an activity that the both of you can do together. Once you have mastered this, it will help with their focus if you have an overly excitable pup.
  5. Buy some toys like a rope to play tug with or bouncy balls. You can play fetch and tug in a small space and your dog will still love it and get their exercise!

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