Why Your Dog Is The First Line Of Defense For Your Home

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There are multiple reasons why your dog is the first line of defense for your home. Some people think a dog is only a pet, but what they don’t realize is a dog is more a part of the family than they think. So much so, in fact, that most dogs are loyal to their owners and will do what it takes to make sure their family is not harmed.


Many see this as an annoying trait. However, your dog isn’t just barking at a random leaf or squirrel for no reason. Some see this as a form of practice for the dogs. Whatever is new in their environment is considered an intruder, unless proven otherwise. Therefore, they must establish their dominance and territory. They do this by barking. Not to mention, if there were an actual threat or intruder, a dog’s bark is one of the first things to steer them away from breaking in. Criminals like to take the easy route, which doesn’t include an extra risk of a dog revealing their actual intentions of doing something illegal. Some people go as far as training their dog to bark when there’s danger or intruders, too.


Not only will the barking and growling alert the criminal, but it’ll also alert nearby neighbors that something isn’t right. When a dog barks, our natural reaction is to look for the reason they’re barking. Which is why it’s suggested to protect your home with a dog, rather than a security system. In a way, the dog is a security system without the buttons and sirens. If you’re leaving your dog at home for a certain amount of time, he can alert neighbors of potential danger, making leaving your dog at home for vacations a favorable option, as well.  If you choose to do so, make sure to reserve your Lucy’s Pet Care pet sitter to provide excellent care of your dog and home, while you’re away.

At The Front Line

Just like the K9 units, your dog is the first thing people meet when they enter the home, before even a security system. Police with K9 units, many times, let their four-legged partner take off to catch who they’re pursuing, if it’s on foot. Dogs can have a one-track mind sometimes, but in these situations, that’s a good thing. They’ll stop at nothing to protect their family and home; which is why they are always on the front line of any situation that would occur on your property. This can come in handy especially at night, considering they can see a little better than humans can in the dark. If you’re worried that you might get sued by an intruder who was bitten by your guard dog, keep in mind in most states, you are not liable for a trespasser’s injuries. It might be a good idea to post a “Warning: Guard Dog” sign just in case, though.

durham pet sitters

Protecting your home with a dog may not be for you, but it has its advantages. Not to mention you are not only adding an extra security feature to your home, but you’re also adding a family member who will stop at nothing to make sure you’re safe. It has also been proven that people sleep a little more soundly knowing their dog is serving as an around-the-clock bodyguard in case anything were to happen. Even in secure neighborhoods, you can never be too careful, and it doesn’t hurt to make a new friend in the process of being safe.

Of course, your reasons for owning a dog should extend well beyond the scope of home protection.  Dogs are living creatures, thus, deserving of respect and loving care.  If you can’t commit to the responsibilities of dog ownership, then, an automated security system should be your choice.


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