Why Is My Dog Chewing on the Sofa?

Why Is My Dog Chewing on the Sofa?

How many of us have arrived home eagerly to see our dog only to find a disaster waiting for us? Often, we may wonder why our dogs betray us in this manner. Whenever dogs act out in this manner, they are trying to communicate something to us. Another issue with this is the fact that we get home after the destruction takes place, and most of us then want to punish the dog. The dog may not associate the punishment with the destruction they did. This can also make their anxiety go up and end in more destruction of their surroundings.

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A lot of time, they are destructive to release some tension. Take a look at your dog’s surroundings.  Is there anything in your dog’s environment when you are away that would send them into a stressed state? Here are some things that can attribute to more chewing.

  • Giving your dog personal items to play with, like clothes.
  • Sometimes fabric toys could encourage more furniture and carpet chewing.
  • Excessive punishing.
  • Emotional departures and arrivals. Try and figure out if the way you leave and come back is taxing for your dog.
  • Lack of structure and rules in your dog’s life-some dogs thrive in this environment, some need a little more structure to keep them together.
  • Isolation of your dog as a form of punishment or physical punishment.
  • Emotionally upset owner when they get home or a lot of yelling and arguing in the home.
  • Boredom or lack of exercise. A lot of dogs that are stuck at home all day have no positive outlet for their energy. Think about ways you could get your dog more exercise with getting a dog walker, providing them with more activities, etc.

It may take time to figure out what it is that you have to do for your dog to help prevent dog chewing and other unwanted behavior, so being patient is of utmost importance!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this helpful article. I love my pet. But recently my dog chewing on the sofa. I am really worried about it. But review your article my confusion is clear.

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