P.U. – Why Does My Pet Smell?

Most of us love to snuggle with our pets, but once in a while, we’ll lean in for a kiss – and YUCK! What is that smell!? If you find yourself avoiding your pet, read on!

Actually, there are many reasons your pet may smell bad. We’ll start with the most obvious – did your buddy roll in something? The first thing to do is examine him for anything gross. Was it a skunk encounter, a roll in a dead animal, or some stuck on poopie? If so, a serious bath is in order (don’t forget to check his tootsies).

But if you can’t find debris on your best friend, take a close look at his coat and skin. Is there a rash, injury, or hot spot? Any of these can change how Fido or Fluffy smells. If you find an infection or yeasty smell, head to the vet’s office!

Ears are often the culprit of unpleasant pet smells. Be sure if your dog goes swimming to dry his ears when he gets out of the water. Allergies can also cause ear infections. Take a sniff in his ears. Smelly ears mean a sure trip to the vet.

If the smell is coming from your dog or cat’s mouth, it could mean a dental problem. If he will let you, take a look in his mouth and see if it is something obvious. If it isn’t his teeth bad breath can also be caused by kidney disease and diabetes – you may smell a metallic odor, or in the case of diabetes either a sweet smell or one like nail polish remover. In any of the cases above, it’s time to see the vet.

Is the smell coming from his rear end? Both cats and dogs can have anal gland problems and this issue has a very distinctive smell. If it doesn’t go away in a day or so, or if your pet is “scooting” their rear on the ground, you guessed it, time to see your vet.

Another rear-end problem is gas. If Fido or Fluffy is gassy it could be due to a change in diet or he may have eaten something unusual. Gas can be a one-time thing. If your pet is frequently farty it could be caused by food intolerance, so you may want to try switching up his diet. If that doesn’t clear up the gas, see the vet.

Figure out where the stinky smell is coming from and head to the vet if you need to. It’s better and cheaper to catch a problem early on so your best friend can start snuggling with you again!

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