Who Can You Call When Your Durham Pets are in Trouble?


pet sitterAt Lucy’s Pet Care, we not only provide exceptional pet care service, we also aim to be an all-around source for pet-related information.  We do this with our wide-array of postings on our Facebook, Twitter, YouTube videos and Google+ pages; our Newsletter and our Blogs.

We are also hands-on, when urgent needs arise.

Lucy was recently-contacted by a pet parent who’d been given her name by their mutual veterinarian, Dr. Brian Lapham at Southpoint Animal Hospital.  He thought that Lucy may be able to help this pet parent and her family who’d suddenly found themselves homeless due to flooding from a burst water heater.  They had no insurance.  They were, literally and figuratively, in Hot Water!  They were shifting from friend to friend to have shelter for a few nights at a time.  As you might imagine, this situation was very unsettling for their beloved cat, Bernadette.  As money was so tight with this emergency situation, they couldn’t afford to board their cat for the anticipated several weeks’ need of care, until they secured new, permanent housing.  They were desperate to find someone who could foster their kitty, until they could be reunited.  They didn’t want to surrender her, as they loved her very much.  They just needed temporary help.

Utilizing her many years’ of contacts from being in the pet services industry, Lucy sent a broadcast SOS to her network of animal lovers.  Could anyone help this family in their hour of need?  Happily, as a result, within 24-hours, Bernadette was enjoying the cozy, safe and loving home of her new foster family.  She was immediately being given the Royal Treatment, complete with a brand new mouse toy, lots of kitty treats and TLC.  Thanks to the generosity of an animal lover within Lucy’s network, Bernadette’s pet parents had the huge stress of their kitty’s happiness off of their plate, so they could focus on securing their new home.

It takes a village to be a pet parent!  Thanks to Dr. Lapham for connecting Bernadette’s Mom with Lucy’s Pet Care.  We are glad to be a point of contact for folks who have pet care questions or are in need of assistance.  If we can’t help, personally, we can send you in the right direction by referring you to the proper resources.  And, of course, we’re always happy to provide dog walking and pet sitting.

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