Cold winters will kill fleas outdoors, but it only takes one flea to latch itself onto your pet to start an indoor infestation. You will need to treat your pet, your home and your yard to completely get rid of these dangerous pests. Here are some things to know about fleas and your pet.

Treating Infestations

You need to treat your pets first to keep them comfortable. You can put them on a regular dosage of flea poison or do a topical skin treatment on a regular basis. According to PetCareRx, flea collars can also be helpful to reduce the risk of your pet bringing fleas into the house. However, once your pet is wearing their flea collar, do your best to keep your animal dry. Your second step is to treat the yard where your pets hang out. Regularly treating your yard with diatomaceous earth can lower the risk that your pet will bring fleas into the house.


Keeping carpets vacuumed and pet beds laundered will reduce the risk of a flea hatching. Fleas like to lay their eggs in crevices and corners such as under couch cushions. Carefully vacuum both flooring and furniture during warm weather to reduce the risk of multigenerational fleas in your home. According to ChemTec, you should regularly vacuum and wash any areas of your house where your pets spend time, including their bedding. Immediately dump the contents of your cleaner after vacuuming to get any surviving fleas out of your home.

Treat Your Yard

If you walk your dogs in areas that are frequented by other pet owners, you’re at risk of bringing home fleas from other dogs. Try to keep your pets on the path and seek out sidewalks in quieter neighborhoods. Additionally, you can treat your yard with a spray to kill live fleas. Make sure to hit dark and shady spots such as those under shrubs. Sprinkle desiccants such as diatomaceous earth along the edges of patios or in the grass where your dogs like to sun themselves. This will dry out adult fleas and their larvae.

Fleas are happiest when they have a receptive host. If you give your pets medication that repels fleas, be aware that fleas may try to relocate to you. If you notice red, itchy spots, make sure to thoroughly clean your bedroom and wash all bedding in hot water. You may need to do this every few days for about 10 days to get rid of all of these annoying pests.

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