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What To Do If Your Pet Gets COVID?

At the beginning of the COVID pandemic, we were told animals couldn’t get COVID. It turns out they can. The good news is very few pets have been infected. There is no evidence that you can get COVID from your pet, leash, collar, or even petting them. Pets are NOT spreading C-19 to humans.

If your pet is acting ill and has been exposed to a person with COVID, we suggest taking him to the vet to be assessed and to find out exactly what sort of illness he has. It could turn out to be a regular upper respiratory illness, so it’s best to have him tested. Most pets will have very few symptoms and can be treated at home.

If your pet is diagnosed, you may want to set him up in a separate sick room for a week, just like you would with a person.

The symptoms of COVID in animals are similar to people, fever, coughing, shortness of breath, lethargy, runny nose, the runs, and sneezing. Do not use sanitizer, alcohol, peroxide, or any chemical disinfectants on your pet. Doing so could make your pet very sick or cause death. Also, NO MASKS on pets!

How will you know when your pet is over COVID? The current guidelines say that if your pet has gone 72 hours without medical management, or 14 days have elapsed since diagnosis, or has had a negative follow-up test – then your best friend can resume normal activities.


If your pet has been exposed and shows symptoms, it’s time for a trip to your vet’s office. Follow their advice, and your dog or cat will be back to normal soon!

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