What Is Mobile Grooming All About?


mobile grooming
Cheyenne and Benji (before grooming)

As an in-your-home pet care business owner, I was curious about similar businesses.  Namely, mobile pet grooming.  What is involved?  What do they do?  Is it super-expensive?  What animals do they groom?

My pup was in dire need of bathing and trimming, so I thought it the perfect opportunity to find out answers to these questions, first hand!  I made an appointment with my friends at Aussie Pet Mobile for their Durham groomer, Cheyenne, to come to my home and take care of my dog.  I was given a price quote which was, as expected, higher than my previous trips to a local groomer.  It is a premium service, after all.  However, having a groomer come to my home means my dog doesn’t need to get the bordetella vaccine, or have the increased risk of becoming ill because of exposure to other dogs.  Plus, it’s super-convenient to have “To-My-Door” service!  This service would also be a great option for folks with dogs who aren’t good around other dogs – because they have the entire (heated and cooled) van to themselves!  And, guess what?  In addition to grooming all breeds of dogs, they also groom cats!  No more stressful car rides for Fluffy!  I also appreciate that all of their products are Bio-Degradable, Eco-Friendly and Natural.  For a complete listing of their grooming services, Click Here.

Cheyenne was very friendly and was clearly a “dog person.”  Benji took right to her.  She asked me what I wanted done (a full coat trim, plus nail trim).  Benji was quite matted, so it took about an hour-and-a-half, from start to finish.

What do you think of the results?  Benji sure had a good time – he’s All Smiles!

Like this concept of Home Delivery?  That’s what we do, here at Lucy’s Pet Care!  Why not let us bring the best pet care to you?

mobile grooming

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