Valentine's gift ideasValentine’s Gift Ideas Pet Edition!

Valentine’s Day is coming up! Valentine’s Day is all about showing your loved ones how you really feel. Looking for the purrfect gift?  Here are some ideas!

  1. Pamper Your Pet!

When you pamper your pet for Valentine’s Day, you’re not only giving your lovely pet a little treat- you are also helping your local groomer out financially and with their own personal Valentine’s Day. Also, your pet will feel and smell better! is a good website to find one on in case you don’t already have one.

  1. Heart Bowl/Dish

You can buy your pet a new bowl or dish to use that is festive. It is something they would use everyday and definitekly appreciate while they are filling up their tummy. It would also be even more meaningful if you could handmake them with some of your pet lover friends!

  1. Pet Clothes

You know how cute it is when you have your pet be festive with you for the holidays. Just imagine your pet wearing a cute little Valentine’s get up!

  1. Valentine’s Day Themed Collars

Help your pet become a fashionista by buying them a heart decorated collar or collar pendant. Your pet will certainly appreciate something new to make their wardrobe more spiffy!

  1. A New Pet Bed!

Treat your pet to a new comfy bed for Valentine’s Day so they will feel like a king or queen of your house…which I’m sure they already know they are!

  1. Valentine’s Treats- Pet Edition

Chocolate’s and Valentine’s candy is one of the main gifts people exchange for Valentine’s Day…why not treat your pet to something  as well? You can find some awesome pet friendly treat receipes online, or you can get some pretty cheap from anywhere from Food Lion to your local pet store. Or, click here for something really great.

  1. Valentine Toys

Your pet will ALWAYS appreciate something new to play with and put it’s scent on! You can get a heart shaped pet toy for as low as $5 at Petco. Try out these for some funny and cute big red lips for your pet.

  1. Miximals

If you go to and give the artist a picture of your pet, she will make a portrait of your pet out of recyled paper and mail. It’s really awesome!

  1. LazyBonezzz Matching Charms

LazyBonezzz has a necklace and collar set with interchangeable charms so you and your furbaby can match each other.

  1. DawgHeads

These are custom shaped pet portraits. You can reach out to the artist on facebook or



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