How You Can Treat Your Dog’s Chronic Bronchitis

chronic bronchitisChronic Bronchitis and your Dog

Does your dog have a harsh, dry cough that won’t go away?  Is the cough exacerbated by exercise?  Your dog may be suffering from chronic bronchitis. Coughing fits are no fun and can cause major discomfort.

chronic bronchitisUnfortunately, it is difficult to pin point the cause of chronic bronchitis in most cases.  As a pet parent, that’s a tough pill to swallow, we know.  We can tell you that smaller dogs are more prone to developing this condition.  Also, there are times when chronic bronchitis develops after a case of kennel cough or after exposure to parasites so, reducing your dog’s exposure to the kennel environment is so important.  Additionally, allergens like dust, mold and smoke can be traced to cases of chronic bronchitis.

Conventional treatments such as corticosteroids and bronchodilators may be used to treat your dog.  The corticosteroids are usually used for two weeks to reduce inflammation however; they may be used for longer periods in dogs with more severe cases of chronic bronchitis.  The bronchodilators will help relax air passageways and thereby help reduce coughing, gagging and sneezing.  A course of antibiotics may also be prescribed as well as a cough suppressant.

If you are of the holistic mindset, you should know that herbs therapy is a safe and natural way to treat the symptoms associated with chronic bronchitis as well as boost your dog’s overall health and well-being, which becomes even more important when your dog is not in the best of health.  A compromised immune system leaves your dog susceptible to a host of other things.  Marshmallow, Osha root and Thyme are all used to suppress a cough.  To promote a strong immune system you can use Astragalus, Echinacea and Olive Leaf.  All three are particularly helpful when dealing with coughs and issues of the lungs.

If your dog suffers from chronic bronchitis, you should do your best to eliminate allergens that may trigger your dog’s cough.  Keep his environment stress free and be certain to monitor his periods of exercise.  Some dogs will struggle to self monitor so that’s where you step in!chronic bronchitis

Feeling overwhelmed?  We can step in when you’re working long days or out of town so your dog is not exposed to kennel environments.  Those germs and parasites can wreck havoc on even the healthiest of dogs.

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