Traveling with Your Durham Dog – Tips from Lucy’s Pet Care

Traveling with Your Durham Doggy

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The wonderful thing about living in North Carolina is that we are close to both the beach and the mountains. No matter if you’re a fan of the high country, the low country or both, there are tons of gorgeous places to visit. The best part about getting out in nature is that your best four legged friend can tag along.¬†If you’re hitting the road with your pup this summer, make sure you cover some basic safety bases before you leave.

  • Make an appointment with the vet

It’s important to have your dog’s vaccinations updated and a general wellness check before you head out. While traveling is tons of fun, it can also be a little stressful for your dog, so make sure to get the OK from the vet.

  • Update tags if needed and bring an extra collar

If your pet’s tags are hard to read or out of date then they should be replaced before you leave. Also, taking an extra collar with a name tag and cell phone number is a good idea.

  • Secure them in a dog car seat or a crate

Letting your dog run around the car is extremely unsafe. Not only are they vulnerable in an accident, they can be a distraction. Secure them in a well ventilated crate or a doggy car seat to keep everyone safe.

  • Get them used to the car by gradually taking longer and longer trips

If your dog isn’t acclimated to travel in the car, especially longer trips, you can help him prepare. Start with short trips around the block, then go a little further each time they are in the car. This will help him get used to their seat or crate and being in the car.

  • Don’t feed them too much before you leave

Even the most seasoned dog travelers can get car sick. Avoid this by feeding him as little as possible while traveling. Just make sure that he has plenty of water.

  • Bring an extra leash or two

You can never have enough leashes on hand when traveling with your dog. It’s always a good idea to one that stays in the car, as well as their regular leash and one more just in case.

  • Don’t forget to pack them a bag too

Doggy’s need a bag too! Pack his favorite blanket and toy, food and treats; bowls, waste scoop, baggies and a brush. Having familiar things from home will help him relax.

Spring and summer is definitely the time to travel, and here in NC we have tons of options. Now that you know what to do to prepare your pet for a trip, stayed tuned for some fantastic ideas of where to take your pet this summer!


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