Pet Hair Be Gone! Tools to Get Rid of Pet Hair – Tips from Lucy’s Pet Care

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No matter how much you love having pets in your life and home, you probably don’t like the hair they shed on a daily basis. Both dogs and cats, including those with short hair and long hair, can shed so much that you climb off the couch looking like you have on a sweater. With the right tools, you really can eliminate all the hair that your pets shed.

Sticker Brush

Though there are a number of different brushes designed for pets on the market today, sticker brushes are the best. These brushes have lots of metal stickers across the surface that remove more pet hair than any other type of brush. Some even have extra built-in tools for removing mats trapped in your pet’s fur or trimming longer patches of hair. Brushing your pets regularly helps remove some of the fur that pets shed before it can reach your furniture or floors.

Oversize Lint Roller

When you need to remove lint and other debris from clothing, you probably reach for your lint roller. Reaching for an oversize lint roller can help you clean your floors, furniture and even ceiling to remove any fur on those surfaces. These lint rollers are significantly larger than those designed for use on clothing and the rollers come with a longer handle that lets you roll one across your whole floor or ceiling. When the roller stops picking up hair, you simply peel off the sticky tape on the surface to reveal a new layer of sticky material.

Carpet Rake

If you have pets with long hair, a carpet rake will be your best friend. In the same way that you use a traditional rake for cleaning up leaves and other debris in your yard, a carpet rake lets you clean up pet hair on your floors. Pet hair sticks to carpet and can build up over time to create a thin layer of hair that sits right on the surface. Carpet rakes feature individual pieces that grasp the hair and pull it away from the carpet. These rakes will remove hair without damaging your carpets.

Rubber Gloves

The next time you clean your floors, take a hard look at the corners and the edges of the floor. If you notice that the carpet looks significantly darker in those areas, this is a clear sign that you have a large build up of pet hair. You can get rid of the pet hair in those areas with a pair of rubber gloves. After slipping on the gloves, run your hands under water and then run your wet hands around the baseboards. The combination of water and rubber will remove even the most stuck on of fur.

Pet Hair Vacuum

You absolutely must have a vacuum designed for homes with pets. The problem with other types of vacuums is that the rollers on the bottom will clog. As you run the vacuum across the floor, it sucks up pet hair, which tangles around the rollers. You’ll need to cut or otherwise remove that hair from the roller before using the vacuum again. Vacuums designed for pet homes have specially designed rollers that slough off or suck up that hair. The vacuums often come with attachments for cleaning upholstered furniture, curtains, and even stairs too.


When looking at ways to keep your pets from shedding, you probably don’t think about things like a humidifier. Humidifiers increase the amount of moisture in your home and can keep stop your pets from suffering from dry skin. Animals with dry skin tend to shed more hair. Humidifiers also help prevent static cling and create slick surfaces on wood and other materials, which keeps any of the hair shed from sticking to those surfaces, makes removing that hair easier.

Microfiber Cloths

Even with a humidifier running in your home, you may still notice pet hair building up on your tables as well as glass and wood surfaces. The only thing you need to remove fur from those surfaces is a microfiber cloth. These cloths have an electrostatic charge that will pick up hair before you even place the cloth on the surface. If you find that the cloth doesn’t remove all the fur, you can apply a small amount of water or antistatic spray to the cloth first.

Washing Machine and Dryer

Two of the best tools at your disposal in the battle against pet hair is a good washer and dryer—cat owners recommend the Cabrio washer/dryer set. Look for those specifically designed for pet homes and those that have a food filter system. The filter system will remove more of the hair on your clothing and linens without the washer and dryer clogging. You may want to look for a washer with a sanitize setting too. This setting takes longer to wash but can remove pet odors as well as pet hair. Make sure that you wash your pet’s bedding regularly too. The hair they shed on those beds can spread through your home.

If you have a shedding pet, you may feel like you’re drowning in a sea of pet hair. But there’s hope — with these 8 fur-defying tools, you can fantasize that your pet doesn’t shed at all. For more information about quality home appliances, visit a Slyman Brothers appliance store near you or on their website.

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