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Traveling with pets can be a challenge. Whether you’re going by car or by plane, many people constantly worry about how they are going to keep their pets safe and comfortable during the trip. Fortunately, there are many things you can do in order to safely travel with your pets and keep them happy along the way.

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Have a Microchip Implanted

It is always a good idea to have your pet microchipped before going on a long journey. If your pet happens to get lost, this way you will be much more likely to find them. The microchip is a small device placed under your pet’s skin. It has a unique number that is registered in the national database. An animal shelter or clinic will be able to scan the number, access the pet’s information, and locate the owners. The process of having the microchip implanted is relatively painless. Make sure you register your pet after you have him or her microchipped.

Use the Right Crate

One of the keys to keeping your pet safe on the plane or in a car is to use the appropriate crate. You will need to select a crate that is the appropriate size. You will also need to select a crash-tested crate. According to an attorney for truck accidents, pets who aren’t contained might mean a ticket for the driver in some areas. If your pet is not used to being in a crate, then you should give them at least a month to get adjusted to it. This will make traveling a lot less stressful for both of you.

Take Regular Breaks

Pets can get tired after being in one place for too long. This is why if you are traveling by car, you will need to make sure you take regular breaks. It is also a good idea to stop at least every two hours in order for your pet to stretch and use the bathroom.

Pack a Traveling Kit

In order to make sure that your pet is as comfortable as possible, pack a traveling kit. This traveling kit should have medication, a first aid kit, food, a favorite toy, and pillow. Your pet will be more comfortable in a new place if the kit has some of the things that he or she is familiar with.

Traveling with a pet is not easy. However, you can make this process easier by having them microchipped and putting them the right crate. Take some or all of the precautions above and make sure your little furry or feathered friend feels safe.

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