Tips on Flying with a Pet

Flying with a pet can be confusing as well as complicated. Air travel can be risky with pets. Bulldogs, pugs, and Persian cats are especially susceptible to oxygen deprivation and over heating due to their short nasal passages. Consider all the alternatives to flying with your pet! If you are able to leave them at home with a sitter or a friend, that is probably ideal. If you decide on flying with your pet, chose to have them in the cabin with you, if possible. Most airlines will allow you to take a cat or small dog in the cabin for an additional fee. You are encouraged to call the airlines in advance to work out the logistics of this.

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You should ask these questions when you contact the airline:

-Will the airline allow you to take your pet in the cabin with you?

-Does the airline have any special pet health and immunization requirements?

-Does the airline require a specific type of carrier?

-If you can’t take your pet in the cabin, does the airline have any restrictions on transporting your pet in the cargo hold?

Your pet’s carrier must pass the security screening along with you. Be sure your pet is securely harnessed so you can safely contain them outside their carrier while it’s being x-rayed.

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Make sure you have your pet wearing a collar that cannot get caught in the carrier doors and has two pieces of id (your regular, permanent identification, and your temporary travel identification).

Make sure your pet’s nails have been clipped before you fly so they won’t get stuck in the carrier.

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Do not feed your pet for four to six hours before the trip.

If possible, put ice cubes in the water tray attached to the inside of your pet’s crate or kennel, a full bowl of water will just spill and cause a lot of discomfort and mess.


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