Thinking About Getting a Cat?

Cats are such great company. They are adaptable, fun, a bit mysterious, and they love to cuddle. However, before you take the final leap and adopt a cat or kitten, there are a few secrets you should know.

Cats are not as independent as some people think. While they can be a bit more independent than dogs, most cats like to hang out with their people. To thrive, they need good food, affection, regular veterinary care, playtime, and snuggling.

Cats shed, so buy a lint roller before you adopt a cat! To reduce the shedding, buy a grooming brush and make a ritual of grooming your cat each evening. Nightly brushing will reduce the shedding and help you build a strong bond. If you love wearing black, consider getting a black cat!  😉

Give up on ever having privacy in the bathroom again. Your cat needs to know what’s going on in there, and even if you manage to close the door with her on the outside, you’ll hear her scratching and meowing to get in.

Outdoor life is dangerous, so please keep your feline inside. You can take your cat out with a leash and harness or build a catio! Make or buy a window bed so she can watch the world go by.

Consider ditching your house plants. Many cats love to munch on plants, and many plants are poisonous to our pets. Only keep pet-safe plants in your home. Consider growing some grass in a pot on the windowsill – cats love nibbling on it and it’s safe for your kitty in moderation.

Give up sweeping the floor; most cats will continually attack the broom! To them, it’s a great game. Maybe consider buying a Roomba. Check out this Roomba video (mom in sunglasses and cat in a shark costume)!

Making the bed may fall by the wayside too. When you start to make it expect the cat to tunnel under the covers, burrow under the fitted sheet, or get tangled in the top sheet. It’s just one less chore for you to do!

This might be a good time to put away your shoes that tie. Most kittens consider the laces a play toy and will untie them over and over again. Think slip-on Keds or flip flops!

Your laundry basket may never be cat-free again. Felines love a basket filled with clothing, especially if they are warm from the dryer. Your clothes will often be covered in cat fur before you put them on.

Finally, if your cat has fallen asleep on your lap, be aware that it’s a law (at least in your cat’s mind) that you can’t get up until after she wakes up and moves on.

This article is a little tongue in cheek; although many of the above examples are true, most cat owners will say that their kitty’s habits are the cutest things ever.

Go ahead, adopt that cat, you won’t regret it, and they will keep you laughing!

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