As pet parents, we have several options for care of our pets whenever we must be away from home.    And, we always want the best for our furry babies, so we do our due diligence in researching the very best choice.  Boarding your pets is a popular choice.  I’m writing this post in hopes to help with your research to consider something you might not otherwise put into the mix when considering boarding your pets or choosing in-your-home pet care.  This is one example of many instances when a home and pets were saved from potential harm and/or death because a Lucy’s Pet Care sitter was making regular, in-home visits.

Our clients were across the country for several weeks and we were providing twice daily visits for their sweet cat.  All was going smoothly until about the third day.  At that morning visit, our sitter smelled a faint odor of gas, upon entering the home.  There had been no one else in the home, so no reasonable explanation for the odor.  With concern for the health of the kitty and the danger posed to the home, she immediately contacted the client and called the gas company to report the issue.  She then met with the gas company service man so he could check for the cause of the leak.  He found that a stove burner knob had somehow been ajar just enough to leak out gas.  He rectified the issue and the home and kitty’s safety were secured.

durham pet sitters

If our clients had chosen to board their kitty instead of hiring our in-home pet care, their kitty would have been safe.  However, there’s no telling what might have happened to their home by the time they returned home 3 weeks later.  An potentially extremely dangerous situation was avoided.

durham pet sitters

Our in-your-home pet visits include care of not only your pets, but, of your home, as well.  We’ll rotate lights and window coverings; water house plants; bring in your mail and packages; and check for any interior and exterior damage in instances of bad weather.  All of this added service for about the same price as boarding your pet!

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