Owning a pet is an extremely rewarding experience.  Pets bring so much love, joy, laughter and enrichment to our lives.  However, there are many downsides to pet ownership of which you should be aware, before becoming a pet owner.  It’s not all sunshine and roses.  Here are a few things to consider before becoming a pet owner.


MEDICAL:  There are regular medical check-ups, vaccines and procedures that are required to keep your pet in optimal health.  Vaccines need to be administered more frequently in younger animals.  Normal surgical procedures may include spay/neuter and teeth cleaning.  If your pet develops a medical condition, the costs of care can dramatically increase – either short term or, for chronic illnesses, long term.  You may want to research pet insurance, as a possible option.

FOOD:  The price of pet food varies.  Even with the cheapest options, this is still a cost to budget for as an ongoing expense for the life of your pet.  Treats are also an added expense.  If your pet requires vet-prescribed food, this cost can be quite high.

SUPPLIES:  Beds, Grooming Products, Toys, Litter Set-up, Collars, Leashes, etc.  The initial cost can be substantial.  You’ll need these supplies before bringing home your new pet.

GROOMING:  You may choose to have your pet professionally groomed.  This will be an added expense.


Owning a pet brings along messes and smells.  Whether it’s pet fur, potty accidents, vomiting or destruction of household items (teething, running, jumping, etc.), you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared for this collateral damage.  Especially, as your new pet is learning his/her new environment and schedule – and, perhaps adjusting to a new diet.


You’ll want to factor-in the cost of hiring a professional to care for your pet.  Whether it’s for regular dog walks or vacation care, this will be a cost to include in your budget.  Lucy’s Pet Care has professional employees to come to your home to provide care for your pets.  Click Here to get a price quote.


At some point, your pet will likely need to take some sort of medication – either oral, topical or injection.  Sometimes, this can be quite challenging and will take ingenuity and patience.


Taking your pet to appointments such as the vet and the groomers will take time out of your day.


We’d love it if our pets outlived us, so we wouldn’t have to go through the enormous pain of losing them.  However, dead is a reality and must be endured.  Dealing with this grief is something that can’t be avoided.

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