Things Humans Do That Annoy Our Pets!

We love our pets so much it’s painful to think that we may be aggravating them without realizing it. As much as they love us, even our best friends have limits. Go over this list and see if you may have inadvertently antagonized your best friend (don’t worry, they have big hearts and will forgive us).

Both felines and canines dislike being lonely. They are social animals, not solitary, and they love attention and companionship. Even with our busy lives, we can all find bits of time here and there to spend with Fluffy and Fido. If you’re at home, stop now and then to give them a scratch, a kind word, or a 2-minute training session with treats. Our pet sitters are available to stop by to give your pet some extra attention when you can’t.

With their incredible sense of smell, neither cats nor dogs care for artificial scents, even mild ones. Strong scents can irritate their noses. Don’t spritz them with scented sprays, avoid air fresheners, and purchase mildly scented cleaners.

All pets like consistency with rules and feel more settled with a schedule. Try to keep them on a regular schedule as much as possible and be consistent with things like feeding, playtime, and bedtime.

No one likes to be awakened from a sound sleep, and that includes your buddy. Make sure to tell your friends and family to let sleeping dogs (and cats) lie. If you need to wake them up, do so gently by quietly calling their name.

A few additional things cats don’t care for; they don’t like spoiled food, so if you feed Fluffy wet food, remove it from her dish after an hour. Of course, all cats want a spotless litter box, maybe even two boxes! Your kitten will adore a high perch so consider a cat condo or window bed.

Most dogs don’t like hugging, and all animals need some personal space. The same goes for staring; it makes most dogs nervous.

Dog parks and playgroups are OK for some dogs, but they should be small, well-controlled groups. If you watch the dynamics, you’ll often see that as those groups get larger; more dogs display signs of stress (ears back, tail straight or down, yawning, and occasional fights). Many dogs are very selective about their friends; don’t force them to be social if that isn’t in their nature.

If you occasionally annoy your pet, don’t worry; no one is perfect. If you are aware of your mistakes that’s the first step to change and a more laid-back relationship with your best friend.