Thanksgiving Treats for Cat and Dogs

Thanksgiving Treats for Cat and Dogs

Speaking of gratitude, we know many of you like to share your Thanksgiving meal with your best friend as a way to show your love and appreciation for him. However, we also know that changing your pet’s food can result in tummy upset. So, it’s important you only give your cat or dog a few suitable treats from your feast.

First, we want to reiterate how important it is to keep all pets away from the trash. That may mean constantly taking it out to the garage or trash bins outside, closing the door, or gating off the kitchen. Pets that have always seemed uninterested in the garbage bin may be drawn to it on holidays (so many tantalizing smells). Be sure to keep a very close eye on your buddy.

The best bet for your dog or cat is their regular meal (maybe in a smaller amount) with a few Thanksgiving treats in it. However, pick your treats carefully to avoid GI upsets. Here are a few good bets: a little bit of white meat turkey (dark has too much fat), plain potato or sweet potato (no butter, marshmallow, syrup), plain veggies like carrots, broccoli, or beans. Apples cut in small bites are great, and so is 100% pumpkin (not pie, just plain 100% pumpkin).

Do your pets beg at the table? A Kong might be the answer to that problem. Take a Kong, stuff it, and freeze it the night before your dinner. A Thanksgiving-themed Kong might include some bits of turkey meat, some kibble, a bit of yogurt, plain pumpkin, and some chopped carrots. Remove it from the freezer and give it to your pooch when you sit down to eat; that should keep him busy while your guests dine.

Did you know that cats like Kongs too? The Kong company makes cat Kongs, they are smaller and lighter, and many people put in kibble and a bit of catnip for their cats. Some cats will be interested in a frozen Kong filled with yogurt, tuna, and a bit of catnip; however, other cats won’t like a cold toy. Run a test before Thanksgiving to see what your cat prefers. The Kong company makes a variety of other cat toys here.

Does your pet have sensitive teeth? Due to age or inflammation, some dogs have trouble chewing hard treats; this is a great recipe for soft treats – any dog will love them (and your cat may enjoy them too)!

Feel free to share part of your meal with your pets; there are always enough leftovers for everyone!

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