Thanksgiving Traditions That Include Pets

Thanksgiving Traditions That Include Pets

We all have traditions that we’ve carried over from our families, but consider adding a few that include not only your guests but your pets too. How about a morning turkey trot? Get the turkey ready and in the oven, and round up your guests (and Fido) for a quiet morning walk.

Back home, turn on the TV and watch the parade while your pets take a snooze. If the weather is good, how about a bit of backyard frisbee with the dog or an outdoor stroll in the garden with your cat in a harness?

When it’s time to eat, get out your Kong treat for your pet; and you can all dig in! It’s fun to ask your guests to come up with a few things they are thankful for, go around the table and see what everyone comes up with. We bet your pet will be thankful for the Kong!

Between dinner and dessert is a perfect time for another walk. If you have young children around, go on a scavenger hunt of sorts. Preprint a list of things they have to try and find on the walk. Some good choices are a bird, horse (should you have them in your neighborhood), an out-of-state license plate, a specific type of tree (maple, pine), a birdbath, a blue house, and so forth.

Another great way to entertain children (maybe while everyone is watching football) is to set up a craft table for them. It may include a Thanksgiving picture to color, use a pine cone and colored paper to make a turkey, ask them to make a pet portrait, or paint good thoughts on flat rocks you’ve collected.

Ensure there is a quiet spot for your pets to go if they need a break from all the holiday activities.

Happy Thanksgiving month to you and yours!

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