3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get A Dog – Tips from Lucy’s Pet Care

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Dogs can add so much pleasure to our lives!  And, puppies are sooooo cute!  But, dogs aren’t always the best choice of pet for everyone.  Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t get a dog. You Want Protection Dogs can be very protective of their owners.  And, can be a great warning system of approaching […]

Why Is My Dog Chewing on the Sofa?

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Why Is My Dog Chewing on the Sofa? How many of us have arrived home eagerly to see our dog only to find a disaster waiting for us? Often, we may wonder why our dogs betray us in this manner. Whenever dogs act out in this manner, they are trying to communicate something to us. […]

Benefits of Pets for Health and Recovery

We’re big fans of pets here at Lucy’s Pet Care. We all know how much we can help out pets and animals in our community. But do we always realize and recognize how much they can help us? Pets offer great healing and service benefits to people who need a helping hand because of sickness, […]

When Boarding is Best for your Pet- Tips from Lucy’s Pet Care

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Here at Lucy’s Pet Care, we actively Relieve Pet Parent Guilt by coming to your home to care for your pets.  Our service has many advantages for your pets and you:  convenience; built-in home care services; continuity of care for your pets with regards to environment, schedule and food; etc.  However, there are instances when […]

Best Summertime Dog Toys – Tips from Lucy’s Pet Care

Ahhhh, it’s finally summer!  And, a great time for fun, special, outdoor play with your dog!  Looking for ideas of the best summertime dog toys?  Here are some that might spark your dog’s interest!  Kiddie Pool This is a good ‘ol standby!  Great for dogs of all sizes, as you can adjust the depth of […]

Unusual Cat Products ft. Uncommon Goods – Tips from Lucy’s Pet Care

Is your kitty BORED with the same ol’, same ol’ toys?  TIRED of the same bedding?  Looking for something to PERK-UP her whiskers?  Here are some unusual cat products that might just put a spring in your kitty’s step, again! CAT BEDS: Your kitty will be sleeping in style with a cozy, comfy and unique […]

Tips to Help Your Dog with Moderate Separation Anxiety – Lucy’s Pet Care

A very common challenge of dog owners is that their dog suffers from separation anxiety.  The symptoms can vary from mild (a few minor signs of damage to objects, urination, barking) to severe (total destruction of home).   Separation anxiety may result in pet parents feeling sadness, anger, frustration and hopelessness.  And, if very severe, the […]

Hiking with Your Durham Dog – Tips and Trails – Lucy’s Pet Care

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Hiking with your Durham dog is a great way to bond with your pet. Before you take in the great outdoors, there are a few things that you need. Basic First Aid Kit Dogs and people are prone to injury especially while being more active. Although it’s cold out now, when it’s warm you also […]

Why We Need to Be Encouraging Therapy Animals in Hospitals

Why We Need to Be Encouraging Therapy Animals in Hospitals

For a long time, people have kept pets for companionship. Now, modern science suggests that interacting with these animals can also offer a host of health benefits, provided that the animals are gentle and friendly. This is why animal-assisted therapy in hospital is increasingly gaining acceptance and popularity. Today, dogs, cats and other animals can […]

10 Ways to Relieve Dog Boredom – Tips from Lucy’s Pet Care

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10 Ways to Relieve Dog Boredom 1.       Play Hide and Seek With Your Pup A good way to relieve dog boredom is playing a little game of hiding treats with you dog. This will be entertaining for them and filling. You’ll also be teaching them some nose work techniques will tiring them out before guest come […]

What You Should Know Before Getting a Pot Bellied Pig – Tips from Lucy’s Pet Care

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Are you looking for a pet that’s different from most?  One that is super-cute and smart?  Is “Charlotte’s Web” your favorite book?  Well, perhaps a pot bellied pig might be your perfect pet!  Here are a few things to consider, before making the choice to add Wilbur to your family. ZONING/PERMITS/REGISTRATION: You’ll want to check […]

Do I Need to Register My Dog as a Service, Emotional Support or Therapy Dog?

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Sometimes we need a little assistance getting through daily tasks. Whether it is due to mental or physical disabilities and ailments, there’s no shame in needing a helping hand. And sometimes that hand comes in the shape of a paw. That’s why you may be wondering, “how do I register my dog as a service, […]

How to Care for Chickens: The Basics from Lucy’s Pet Care

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  How to Care for Chickens:  The Basics Is raising chickens something of interest to you? It seems like a great way to spend time, get some fresh eggs…I mean you just can’t beat fresh eggs, right? But, apparently, it’s not as easy as it seems. It can be quite the undertaking. However, once you have […]

Best Indoor Pets (if you hate wintertime weather!) – Lucy’s Pet Care

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INDOOR PETS Even though it hasn’t really felt like winter here in North Carolina, we are still smack dab in the coldest part of the year. And sometimes the warmer weather just makes feel it even worse when the temperatures dip back below freezing. That’s when the penchant for comfy blankets and cuddles instead of […]

Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Pet Lover in Your Life

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    Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Pet Lover in Your Life Valentine’s day is just around the corner and it’s the perfect time to spread a little extra love to the ones you care about. And if you have a pet lover on your list, then you are in luck. Pet lovers are easy […]

Tips for How to Stop Destructive Dog Behavior

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How To Stop Destructive Dog Behavior Sometimes you have a pup that just won’t stop chewing and biting on your things while you are away. It could either be a behavioral problem in your dog, fear, separation anxiety or changes in the environment around them. That coupled with their doggie genetics could make for a […]