July 4th Safety Tips for Your Pets – Lucy’s Pet Care

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One of the summer holidays that we look forward to the most is the 4th of July. When families come together for good food, good fun and of course, fireworks! However, did you know that more dogs are lost on this day than any other day of the year? Here are some tips on how […]

How to Care for Chickens: The Basics from Lucy’s Pet Care

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  How to Care for Chickens:  The Basics Is raising chickens something of interest to you? It seems like a great way to spend time, get some fresh eggs…I mean you just can’t beat fresh eggs, right? But, apparently, it’s not as easy as it seems. It can be quite the undertaking. However, once you have […]

Outdoor Wildlife Tips – The Best Way to Care for Your Backyard Wildlife

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Outdoor Wildlife Tips Many people ask: “Why is spring time the busiest time of the year for people who want to preserve and rehabilitate wildlife?” The reason is because there is an influx of births in the wild during the spring! One thing that is important to point out while we are the subject of […]

Best Indoor Pets (if you hate wintertime weather!) – Lucy’s Pet Care

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INDOOR PETS Even though it hasn’t really felt like winter here in North Carolina, we are still smack dab in the coldest part of the year. And sometimes the warmer weather just makes feel it even worse when the temperatures dip back below freezing. That’s when the penchant for comfy blankets and cuddles instead of […]

Valentine’s Gift Ideas Pet Edition!

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Valentine’s Gift Ideas Pet Edition! Valentine’s Day is coming up! Valentine’s Day is all about showing your loved ones how you really feel. Looking for the purrfect gift?  Here are some ideas! Pamper Your Pet! When you pamper your pet for Valentine’s Day, you’re not only giving your lovely pet a little treat- you are […]

Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Pet Lover in Your Life

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    Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Pet Lover in Your Life Valentine’s day is just around the corner and it’s the perfect time to spread a little extra love to the ones you care about. And if you have a pet lover on your list, then you are in luck. Pet lovers are easy […]

3 Tips for Handling Potty Breaks in the Winter

3 Tips for Handling Potty Breaks in the Winter   We all know it’s not very pleasant to use a cold bathroom in the middle of winter.  So, it’s no surprise to know that our dogs feel the same discomfort when it’s cold outside.  Often, dogs refuse to go potty outside in the cold or […]

Tips for How to Introduce A New Cat to Your Household – Lucy’s Pet Care

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Having a cat is wonderful. Having two cats…well, to me that’s even better!  Because having more than one cat can be amazing. They each have distinct personalities and what’s even better, they are great company for one another. However, successfully bringing a new cat into your household can be a bit of a process. Like […]

Top 3 Homemade Cat Treats Recipes

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‘Tis the season for treats, sweets, and all things delicious! But, why should we have all of the yummy food this holiday season? When you’re prepping for your holiday baking, you should think about including a little something special for your cat, too. Our Top 3 Cat Treats Recipes You Can Make at Home 1. […]

Dental Care for Pets – Tips from Lucy’s Pet Care

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We all know that it is important for us keep up with our dental care. And I know, I’ve heard I should brush my pet’s teeth, but do I really have to? Are chews enough? Or do we really need to brush their teeth? If so, how do we go about it? There are so […]

How to Prepare for your Pet Sitter

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It can be hard to leave your pet at home while you’re gone. Hiring a pet sitter helps relieve some of that anxiety, letting you relax on vacation or focus for a business conference. It’s also important to take a few steps to get ready for your sitter while you prepare for your trip. Important tips […]

Halloween Safety Tips for Your Pets

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  There is no doubt that Halloween is a frightfully delightful time of the year. With spooky decor, promises of candy, costume parties and more, what’s not to love, right? However, for our pets it can be a little bit more frightful than delightful. That’s why it’s important to keep our pets safe and happy […]

Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for Your Durham Dog – Lucy’s Pet Care Top 3

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Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for Your Pets If you love Halloween, it’s time to rejoice because October is here! I know I’m not the only one already pulling out decorations and planning costumes.  If you’re wanting your pet to get into the Halloween spirit this year, you have to check out these easy (and affordable) […]

How to Talk to Cats – Tips from Lucy’s Pet Care

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How to Talk to Cats   There are a lot of things that our cats are trying to tell us. And as owners (or best friends), they communicate with us on a level that other people may never understand. Vocalization: Meowing If you have more than one cat you may have noticed that they don’t […]

Fun with Your Durham Dog on Labor Day Weekend – Lucy’s Pet Care

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Happy Labor Day from Lucy’s Pet Care!   It is the last long weekend of the summer. So, don’t forget to include your four-legged family member in your Labor Day festivities! There are plenty of things to do with the whole family! Check out these “pawsome” ideas for having fun with your pet this Labor Day […]

The Pros and Cons of Dog Obedience Training

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  Dog Obedience Training – What you need to know   Training a dog can be hard. It takes a lot of patience, diligence and consistency. It’s not that we don’t have the best interests at heart for our dogs; it’s just that sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day. That is why […]

How to Spot and Treat Heatstroke in Dogs

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  The Dog Days of Summer and What You Need to Know about Heatstroke The dog days of summer are here and in the Carolinas to say the heat has been oppressive is almost an understatement. As we prepare for the start of school it easy to think that summer is coming to a close, […]

Basic Dog Grooming Tips – Lucy’s Pet Care

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Basic Dog Grooming Tips Basic grooming is something everyone enjoys. I mean, washing and brushing your hair is very soothing and refreshing, right? That’s why making sure your dog is groomed is an important part of his regular routine. Helping him look and feel his best will bolster your bond and his confidence.  I hope these basic dog grooming tips […]

How to Plan a Dog Birthday Party – Tips from Lucy’s Pet Care

How to Plan a Dog Birthday Party   Our pets are more than just animals, they are like our children. So, planning a dog birthday party is a great way to celebrate our furbabies. Even if they don’t really understand exactly what a “birthday” is, they do appreciate the love and attention. I mean, who […]