10 Ways to Keep Your Indoor Pet Happy – Tips from Lucy’s Pet Care

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How To Keep Your Indoor Pet Happy 1. Make sure you make time for your pet. You are a big focal point in your pets world! You should consciously try to make time for at least one play session a day with your pet. This is beneficial to you both as it can relieve stress, and also help with hyper active pets that will sometimes damage things in the home when cooped ...
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Best Indoor Pets (if you hate wintertime weather!) – Lucy’s Pet Care

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INDOOR PETS Even though it hasn’t really felt like winter here in North Carolina, we are still smack dab in the coldest part of the year. And sometimes the warmer weather just makes feel it even worse when the temperatures dip back below freezing. That’s when the penchant for comfy blankets and cuddles instead of venturing outside really kicks in. This is especially true when ...
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