Run with Your Dog – Tips from Lucy’s Pet Care

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Looking for another fun way to spend quality time with your dog?  And, have the bonus of burning off extra energy and keeping you and your pup happy and healthy?  Considering taking your pup along as your running/jogging partner?  Read on for tips to make sure you take the proper steps to ensure positive results. […]

Where to Get Frozen Dog Treats in Durham – Tips from Lucy’s Pet Care

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Summertime is upon us!  This means lots of fun outdoor play with our pooches:  hiking, swimming, wading, rolling in the grass, playing fetch, etc.  Once playtime is over, we love to treat our pups to something tasty and refreshing to help cool them down.  Here are some frosty ideas of yummy goodies you can get […]

Best Summertime Dog Toys – Tips from Lucy’s Pet Care

Ahhhh, it’s finally summer!  And, a great time for fun, special, outdoor play with your dog!  Looking for ideas of the best summertime dog toys?  Here are some that might spark your dog’s interest!  Kiddie Pool This is a good ‘ol standby!  Great for dogs of all sizes, as you can adjust the depth of […]

Easy Steps to Brush Your Dog’s Teeth – Tips from Lucy’s Pet Care

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Being a pet parent, we want to do all that we can to keep our pets as healthy, as possible.  Something that can help is to regularly brush our dog’s teeth, at home.  However, if you’re new to this, it can seem difficult and overwhelming.  So, I’m writing this post to give you simple steps […]

Tips to Help Your Dog with Moderate Separation Anxiety – Lucy’s Pet Care

A very common challenge of dog owners is that their dog suffers from separation anxiety.  The symptoms can vary from mild (a few minor signs of damage to objects, urination, barking) to severe (total destruction of home).   Separation anxiety may result in pet parents feeling sadness, anger, frustration and hopelessness.  And, if very severe, the […]

How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Your Dog – Tips from Lucy’s Pet Care

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Looking for special ways to share Valentine’s love with your dog in the Durham area, this year?  Perhaps one or more of these ideas will bring tail wags: PET MASSAGE: February 20th 5:45-6:45pm / $10 Pets knead massage too! Pet parents come with or without your pets. Pets friendly with other animals are welcome (typical pet is […]

Does My Dog Need a Winter Coat or Sweater? Tips from Lucy’s Pet Care

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Animals wearing clothes can be a controversial subject. Don’t let the Animal Clothes Politics get to you! There are some smaller breed or lighter weight dogs that really need the extra support in the wintertime. Some dogs actually have lighter coats of fur than other dogs, so they are suffering more from the cold than […]

7 Ways to Memorialize Your Pet – Tips from Lucy’s Pet Care

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Being a pet parent is a wonderful, rewarding experience.  Our pets give us so much joy and love.  So, it’s especially-hard when they leave us.  We experience this pain quite a bit with our pet sitting fur babies.  Personally, I recently lost my Squeaky and my heart is broken over missing him.  Even though his […]

Hiking with Your Durham Dog – Tips and Trails – Lucy’s Pet Care

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Hiking with your Durham dog is a great way to bond with your pet. Before you take in the great outdoors, there are a few things that you need. Basic First Aid Kit Dogs and people are prone to injury especially while being more active. Although it’s cold out now, when it’s warm you also […]

What is the Best Temperature in Your Home to Keep Your Pets Happy?

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At the right temperature, your pets will be happier and more responsive than ever. By adjusting the temperature of your home, you can suit their needs and create an excellent environment for both yourself and your pets. Dogs and Cats Dogs and cats, much like humans, thrive at temperatures between 65°F and 75°F. However, unlike […]

10 Safety Tips for Dog Walking After Dark- Lucy’s Pet Care

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10 Dog Walking After Dark Safety Tips Now that the time has changed to Standard Time and the days are getting shorter, it’s impossible to avoid walking our dogs after dark.  So, I thought I’d write this post with some tips to help you and your pup stay safe. 1. DON’T WEAR VALUABLES Or, at […]

3 DIY Homemade Thanksgiving Dog Treat Recipes – Tips from Lucy’s Pet Care

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Thanksgiving is a holiday that’s a time to enjoy family, friends and…food!  As we’re also thankful for our canine family members, why not show them some extra love by making them their own homemade Thanksgiving dog treats?  Looking for some cooking inspiration?  Here are some tasty Thanksgiving dog treat recipe ideas that may be of […]

10 Ways to Relieve Dog Boredom – Tips from Lucy’s Pet Care

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10 Ways to Relieve Dog Boredom 1.       Play Hide and Seek With Your Pup A good way to relieve dog boredom is playing a little game of hiding treats with you dog. This will be entertaining for them and filling. You’ll also be teaching them some nose work techniques will tiring them out before guest come […]

What You Should Know Before Getting a Pot Bellied Pig – Tips from Lucy’s Pet Care

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Are you looking for a pet that’s different from most?  One that is super-cute and smart?  Is “Charlotte’s Web” your favorite book?  Well, perhaps a pot bellied pig might be your perfect pet!  Here are a few things to consider, before making the choice to add Wilbur to your family. ZONING/PERMITS/REGISTRATION: You’ll want to check […]

Top 3 Benefits of Crate Training – Tips from Lucy’s Pet Care

To Crate Train or Not To Crate Train….  There are differing opinions on the method.  In this post, I’ll share with you the Top 5 Benefits of Crate Training.  This information might help you make a decision as to whether or not it’s a route you choose to take with your own dog. Many people […]

How to Puppy-Proof Your Home

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How to Puppy-Proof Your Home Puppies are bundles of energy and tend to get into all sorts of trouble indoors and outdoors. Certainly, this is because they are very curious about the world around them. Clearly, your goal is to protect the new member of the family and keep that puppy safe. The best course […]