Can I Share Superfoods with My Durham Dog?



Are you looking to feed your dog a more high quality diet?  Well, if you haven’t considered it, there’s no time like the present!  A high quality diet is one sure fire way to help strengthen your dog’s immune system and feeding your dog some of the same superfoods that you feed yourself is one way to do so. But, why?

Fish – These superfoods are loaded with omega 3 fatty acids.  They aid with prevention of a plethora of skin issues, allergies, heart disease and treat arthritis.

Sweet Potatoes – These potatoes pack a punch!  They are loaded with antioxidants, which aid in the prevention of cancer, speed up healing and fight the effects of aging.  Not only that, they also contain Vitamins such as A, B6 and C.  They contain fiber which aids in digestion and will help with keeping your dog’s stools from being too loose.

Carrots – These are an amazing snack!  Super charged with antioxidants, these crunchy treats can be consumed raw or cooked!  They aid with vision, heart and blood sugar levels.  Put a few in the freezer; your pet will enjoy cooling down with a healthy “super” snack!

Broccoli – Combining this veggie with some fish will provide your pet with an infusion of goodness!  When your pet is feeling down or is sick, these two together can put your pup back on track!  Broccoli, like other super foods, aids in cancer prevention, helps fight skin issues and general infections.  Another awesome benefit with this veggie is its ability to help excrete toxins!  Raw or cooked work – “super” goodness!

Beans – Many pet parents are surprised to find out that beans are really good for dogs.  Beans burn fat, boost the immune system and provide a wealth of protein and minerals.  Additionally, they aid in the regulation of blood sugar levels which are known to tie in to diabetes in dogs.

There are so many recipes and super foods that are packed with wholesome goodness for your dog!  Do some research, work with your holistic vet and see what you can whip up for your dog!  Home cooked is so much cheaper and healthier for not only you, but your dog as well!  Enjoy!

We’ll make sure your pup gets his regular diet, while in our care.  Whether it be homemade, dry or canned.  And, with any added supplements or meds.


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