destructive dog behavior

How To Stop Destructive Dog Behavior

Sometimes you have a pup that just won’t stop chewing and biting on your things while you are away. It could either be a behavioral problem in your dog, fear, separation anxiety or changes in the environment around them. That coupled with their doggie genetics could make for a destructive canine,  This can lead to intestinal problems, teeth problems, and just general annoyance for the owners. Often times, it’s just a dog or new puppy’s way of exploring the world around them. Identifying why your dog is doing things is the biggest step.  Here are some tips on quelling destructive dog behavior.
Is your dog overactive? Always running around in the house and going nuts? One of the things that you could do to bring down the amount of destruction in your dog is to make sure that they are getting adequate exercise. Taking your dog out for longer walks or letting them run around a little longer at the dog park could offset the amount that your dog chews and tears up your things-plus it is good exercise for you as well!
Your dog could potentially just be seeking attention. When your dog destroys things or goes to the bathroom in the house, we would be focused on punishing them which basically reinforces that type of behavior. We are all busy, but also making sure you are spending time with your dog playing with them and petting them could also help. Even playing fetch or frisbee, or even letting your dog play with other dogs for 30 minutes outside could help out.
destructive dog behavior
Also, your dog could just be bored. Make sure you give your dog toys and enough room for exercise while you are gone. It might take a bit for you to figure out what toy is best for your dog, so maybe buying a bit of each or a big bone or some rawhide for them to chew on while you are gone would be the best way to go. Your dog will get bored of the same toys, so once you figured out what works for your dog, switch it up every once in a while.
It might take some time for you to figure out why your dog is being destructive, but once you figure it out you can work on redirecting those bad behaviors to good behaviors.
Don’t have time to give your pup the regular exercise and playtime he needs?  Hiring a dog walker is an option.  This will ensure your pup always gets daily attention to set him up for success.  He’ll get the social, mental and physical stimulation he needs to remain calm and happy.  You’ll enjoy the benefits of a well-behaved dog.
destructive dog behavior
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