st patty's day

Shamrocks and beer is usually how people see Saint Patrick’s Day.  But it’s also another great chance to admire and spend time with your dogs.  There are a lot of happy, curious and independent breeds that hail from the Emerald Isle and there is a lot of fun to be had with your pet.

Irish Setter – A great companion with a friendly disposition and a heart of a hunter.

Irish Wolfhound – This huge breed is truly a gentle and sweet giant.

Irish Terrier – The first of the terrier breeds, this spunky and adaptable breed makes a great and loyal family member.

Irish Water Spaniel – A very unique and old breed, this dog is a fun loving pet.

The Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier – This Irish terrier is a perfect curious and athletic indoor dog.

The Glen of Imaal – A working dog that is known for being great with vermin control.


If your dog is easy going, get them a cute St. Patty’s Day outfit to celebrate.

Get or make them some tasty shamrock and leprechaun treats.

Grab a beer or coffee at a pet friendly cafe then walk to a park.

For the beer enthusiast get some pet safe Dog Beer so you can imbibe with your canine companion.


No matter what you do, DO NOT give your pet an alcoholic beverage.

If you’re heading to a crowded downtown street or a parade then it is best to leave your pet at home.  He may get anxious or spooked by all the commotion.

Having a party at home?  Make sure your dog is safe from escaping when friends come in and out of the house. Have ID tags updated in case he does get out.

Saint Patty’s Day is a great time to have fun when the weather starts to get warmer.  It’s a perfect chance to enjoy some quality time with your loved ones.

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