How to Say No to Pet Sitting for Your Friends

pet sittingAre you the resident Animal Lover?  The “Go To” person whom your friends, relatives and neighbors call whenever they need someone for pet sitting?  The person who always takes on the tasks of caring for everyone else’s pet, while they travel to fun places or have to work late?  As much as you love their pets and want to help out, is it becoming a burden?  But, how to say “No,” without damaging the relationship?

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The next time they ask for this favor, how about responding with, “I’ve really enjoyed the times I’ve cared for [Pet’s Name], in the past.  And, I appreciate you entrusting me with his/her care.  Moving forward, in the best interest of your needs, I think it’ll be great for you to start a relationship with a professional pet care company.  I highly-recommend Lucy’s Pet Care.  They can provide you with much more than I’m able to, as a non-professional.  Lucy’s Pet Care is fully-insured and bonded.  They have a team of sitters, so you’re not dependent upon just one person (ie., Me) for care.  They also have systems in place in case there is a pet health or home emergency.  They’ll love your furry babies just as much as I do and will send you written updates and photos, while you’re away.  And, they’re very affordable.  You can easily enroll online through their website:  It takes less than an hour to be set for all of your future pet care needs.”

This will be a gentle and helpful way to turn down the requests of your loved ones.  You’ll save the relationship and will be doing a terrific thing for them, by connecting them with a company that will take excellent care of their pets and home.  And, now that you’ll be free, maybe they’ll invite you to join them on their next fabulous vacation!pet sitting

If you really do love pet sitting and would like to get paid for it, we’re always looking for great folks to add to our Team.  Visit our website to apply online:

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