How To Safely Detox Your Durham Dog

Apple Cider Vinegar for Dogs

Have you heard about the amazing effects of Apple Cider Vinegar on dogs? Dogs need to undergo detoxification just as much as humans do.  Now, more than ever, toxins are polluting our environment which unfortunately also pollutes us and our dogs!  A dog’s body works naturally to detox itself but due to the excessive amount of toxins in the environment, your dog may need your help to aid in this process.

How can I tell if my dog’s natural ability to detoxify is in over drive?

detoxA dog’s detoxification system attempts to rid toxins through the organs.  The kidneys, liver, skin and other waste organs work together to emit toxins.  Elimination of toxins through the skin will result in skin issues such as dandruff and dry skin.  On other hand, a runny nose, tears or the secretion of mucous are the results of toxins exiting the body via the mucous membranes.  The aforementioned instances are all examples of how a dog’s sophisticated body systems eliminate toxins.  However, when the body is unable to eliminate toxins due to illness, age or just an overload in the amount of toxins present then the toxins just remain the dog’s body.  The result? Serious health issues come to fruition in the form of arthritis, cancer, allergies and more.

How can I help my dog detox?

Apple Cider vinegar can be utilized as a detoxifier.  When used over time, your dog will be less likely to develop infections and other issues such as fleas and worms.  Remember, a weakened immune system makes your dog more susceptible to all kinds of undesirable illnesses and conditions.

detox You can begin by simply adding one teaspoon to your dog’s water each day but start slow.  Begin with an eighth of a teaspoon and gradually increase to one teaspoon.  If your dog weighs more than 15 pounds, keep these dosing instructions in mind: one teaspoon for every 15 pounds. You will notice wonderful changes in your dog such as less scratching, less eye staining from tears, less odor and even fewer fleas!

Now that you’re on your way to helping your dog detox, please keep in mind these three things:

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