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What Room Fragrances Are Pet Safe? Tips from Lucy’s Pet Care

“What Room Fragrances Are Pet Safe?”

When having pets, covering odors is big topic. We don’t want our homes to smell just like our pets, but we also don’t want anything that will potentially harm them. The waxes and wicks of candles may be toxic. If your pet gets into them, it could potentially be dangerous for their health. The best candles to get for burning in your home are the pet safe soy-based candles or 100% beeswax candles.

For safety’s sake, when burning candles you also want to make sure lit candles are out of reach of your pets.  Keep on a high shelf where your dog’s tail can’t wack or your cat can’t jump up and get to it.

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If you want to skip the hassle with the candle search all together, you can use essential oils, instead. There is much written about which essential oils are safe to use around and on pets, but some that are known to be toxic to pets are tree oil, oregano oil, wintergreen oil, and thyme oil, so steer clear of those.  You can read more about essential oils and their uses for pets, here.

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Potpourri (dry and liquid) is irritating to cats as far as smell. If your animals eat dry potpourri it could really hurt them. Pine sprays can cause coughing fits in cats. Incense can also cause and exacerbate cat asthma.

People have gone back and forth on whether Febreze is safe for pets, but the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center released a statement that Febreze is fine if you don’t spray it directly on your pets (and of course don’t let your pet ingest it). You can also create your own aromas by putting on a pot of simmering water and add ingredients such as cinnamon sticks, cloves, vanilla, or mint tea. However, avoid using citrus-it is very agitating for cats.

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