Room for One More: What to Keep in Mind When Getting a Puppy

A lot of people adopt pets on a whim, but that doesn’t mean that bringing a new puppy into the home isn’t a big decision. There’s a lot to consider once you decide that you have the room in the family for one more. Not only do you have to make the decision to adopt, but you have to settle on a type of dog breed, a name, the routine you’ll use to care for the dog, training options and so much more.

Your Lifestyle

A puppy doesn’t necessarily fit into everyone’s lifestyle. If you are someone that is working full time or busy with your children, a dog can be a major addition to your already hectic life. That doesn’t mean you can’t make it work. You just have to figure out how a puppy is going to work into everything. If you have some long days at work or have to travel every so often, you can look into a local doggie daycare facility in your town. Ask some friends or family members if they have a pet sitter that they can recommend.


There are costs that are associated with owning a puppy that go past the initial adoption fee. For example, you’ll need supplies for your pup. A crate, leash, collar, food, toys, and bed are just some of the items you’ll want to buy. In the future, your puppy is going to need to visit the vet for their first checkup and potential shots. They may also need to be spayed or neutered. There will be vet visits in the future, flea treatments and much more.


It’s a big adjustment for everyone to get used to a new pet in the home. Before adopting a furry friend, it’s important to prepare your home for the new puppy in order to make it easier for the adjustment period. You should make sure that your home is safe by ensuring your dog won’t be able to escape the house or yard. There may be hazards in the home that could be a danger, like a fireplace, cleaners made with dangerous chemicals or a steep flight of stairs. Puppy-proofing your home is a lot like the adjustments that you have to make for a new baby. A puppy will chew on things that could be dangerous to them, so you’ll have to put some things away or hide them.

Are You Allowed to Have a Dog?

Depending on where you live, you’ll want to do some research to determine if you’re allowed to have a dog. Many apartment complexes don’t allow dogs on the premises. Some facilities even go so far as to ban certain breeds. Even if you have a home of your own but live in a neighborhood with an HOA, you should double-check the rules first. If the place where you live does not allow dogs, you may be tempted to try to “sneak” the puppy in, but is very poor practice and can get you and your dog evicted.

Is a Puppy the Best Route?

You may want to bring a new pet into the home, but you may be concerned with the energy and needs of a puppy. There are plenty of older dogs that are looking for a home. You can check your local animal shelter to see if there is a dog that fits the bill. Many of those dogs are already trained to go outside to use the bathroom. They may have been a wonderful companion for years, but have ended up in a shelter for one reason or another.

Do You Have Allergies?

A lot of people adopt a dog, only to find out that they are allergic to the breed that they have chosen. Even if you think you’re not allergic to the type of dog you’re adopting, they could be a mix of breeds that will end up bothering you. You can always work something out with the shelter you’re adopting from. See if they will let you do a trial run with the puppy you’ve chosen. If you end up having a reaction, you can help them find a better home for the animal.

Does Everyone in the Home Want a Dog?

Adopting a pet into the family is a major life decision, so everyone in your home should be involved. If there is anyone that is leery about the animal, this should be addressed. It takes a family to care for a dog, so everyone need to be prepared to pitch in and do their part. If a young child in the home is scared or uneasy about it, this could lead to them getting hurt if they startle or hit the animal. Prepare everyone for what is to come, and you can educate children on how they should be treating their new family member when they eventually come into the home for good.

Are You Physically Able to Care for the Puppy You’re Choosing?

Those tiny little puppies are so stinking cute, but those puppies can grow up to be a dog that weighs well over 75lbs. You have to think about the future and think about whether or not you can take care of the puppy when it becomes a full-grown dog. Also, think about whether or not you’re going to have space for the size dog that you’re considering. When they get older or if they are sick, you’ll need to be able to physically move the animal.

Adding a puppy may be a wonderful and beneficial decision for your home, but there are a number of factors to take into consideration before you go out and buy a puppy. You’ll need to do some work to prepare for the animal. Bringing a puppy home is a lot like bringing a baby home. Expect a few nights where you’re up a lot. It might take some trial and error to find a food your puppy likes. Prepare or a puppy how you can, but be ready for some surprises along the way.

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