3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get A Dog – Tips from Lucy’s Pet Care

Dogs can add so much pleasure to our lives!  And, puppies are sooooo cute!  But, dogs aren’t always the best choice of pet for everyone.  Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t get a dog.

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You Want Protection

Dogs can be very protective of their owners.  And, can be a great warning system of approaching danger.  However, if you plan to only treat your dog as a commodity to protect yourself and your property, without providing for the dog’s full range of health and emotional needs, your best option is to invest in a security system.

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You Want A Companion For Your Other Dog

You already have one dog and are concerned that he’s lonely during the day.  He could benefit from a playmate.  While this can be good, you should also want a second dog for other reasons.  Adding another dog to your family can involve a lot of additional strains on your time (training) and finances (vet, food, dog walker, etc.).  Unless you truly will enjoy having another pet, you might do best to consider other options for your current dog, such as hiring a dog walker for extra playtime/exercise; connecting with other dog owners for dog play dates; or doggy daycare.

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Your Life Circumstances Are Unstable

Are you in or nearing a transitional point in your life?  Perhaps, just finishing school and looking forward to a new job; nearing retirement; starting a family?  Any of these changes might involve major changes in your lifestyle, such as moving; lots of travel; family dynamics, etc.  Although, we can never predict the future and changes that might come along, if you have a good idea that things could be changing in the near future, it might be best to hold-off on adding a new pet to your household until things are more stable.

If you do get a dog, remember to call on us to help out with

midday walks and vacation care!

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