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How to Puppy-Proof Your Home

Puppies are bundles of energy and tend to get into all sorts of trouble indoors and outdoors. Certainly, this is because they are very curious about the world around them. Clearly, your goal is to protect the new member of the family and keep that puppy safe. The best course of action is to puppy proof your home, before bringing home the new puppy. Focus on the areas that the puppy will spend the most time. For example, a special room for the pup. A section in the basement or primarily in an enclosed yard. Here is more to consider.

Keeping Puppy Safe Indoors

The first step is to take a walk around your house. Look for hazards that would easily harm your puppy. Get started by removing all the plants in the rooms. The ultimate goal is to remove any potentially harmful plants that the puppy might chew on or try to eat. A wide variety of house plants like the azalea, are toxic. Remove vitamins, medications, and foods that might harm the pup. Remember, puppies are very curious. That trash can in the kitchen, bathroom, or other rooms might look like a play toy to them. Place tops on all trash cans or move them out of the reach of the puppy. Remember to place small electronic items like cables or flash drives that might harm your puppy in hardshell electronics cases. Here are a few more indoor hazards to remove to puppy proof your home.

Keeping Puppy Safe Outdoors

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It’s also very important to realize that the outside of the house holds a number of hazards. Of course, the puppy is eager to explore the outside territory, but it’s also a good idea to make sure that the puppy is watched while they play outside, for their own safety. The best course of action is to fence in a small section of the yard specifically for the puppy. Don’t forget to survey the outside area. Remove any items that might harm the puppy. For example, toxic plants, stones, rocks, small items, furniture, containers, and more. Place them in a faraway area.

A new puppy in the home is a special and very exciting time for the puppy and the entire family. Make sure that the new member of the family stays safe with these important tips.


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