How to Prepare for your Pet Sitter

It can be hard to leave your pet at home while you’re gone. Hiring a pet sitter helps relieve some of that anxiety, letting you relax on vacation or focus for a business conference. It’s also important to take a few steps to get ready for your sitter while you prepare for your trip.

Important tips to consider:

  • Leave all phone numbers, plus the place you’re staying, by the phone. Include emergency contacts for a neighbor or family member who will be in town.
  • Please make sure that outdoor and indoor lights are working before you go.
  • Advise your neighbors that a pet sitter will be visiting your home while you’re away.
  • Let your veterinarian know that you’ll be out of town and that  your pet sitter will be caring for your pets and has the authority to bring your pet in for treatment. It can also be a good idea to leave your credit card number on file at the vet in case of an emergency.
  • Leave plenty of water, food and medication in an easy-to-find place.
  • Store pet supplies in a central area. Putting supplies, such as leashes, collars, brushes, treats, etc, in a big Tupperware or box left on the table is a great idea.
  • Make sure your pet cannot slip out of his or her collar and that outdoor fences/gates are secure. If they aren’t, please let your pet sitter know.
  • Let the pet sitter know if there are any areas of your house or yard in which your pet is not allowed to go.
  • Have extra food and supplies on hand in case you are delayed in getting home.
  • Put your pet carrier out for the pet sitter to use in case your pet needs to be transported for play or emergent purposes.

Preparing for a pet sitter is pretty simple, but also very important. Once you have all your supplies gathered and everyone notified your pets will be set. Then you can go out of town and enjoy without the worry.

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