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Regardless of our specific faith, we are all familiar with the general idea of a guardian angel. We are also well acquainted with the joy and companionship that comes from owning a pet or multiple pets. Could these two be one and the same? Is it possible that our pet is actually our guardian angel sent to guide us and protect us? While it may seem crazy at first, the similarities between a guardian angel and pet are numerous.

What is a guardian angel?

To fully understand how your pet could be your guardian angel, you should understand what defines a guardian angel. A guardian angel is a spirit that is assigned to protect, comfort, and support a specific person. A guardian angel’s sole purpose is to serve that one person. Unlike other types of angels, guardian angels are a person’s personal protector and support system. Assigned by a higher power, guardian angels provide comfort and support to humans throughout the course of their lives. In some beliefs, they are also rumored to intercede to a higher power on behalf of their human subject. It can also be argued that guardian angels help guide humans in the choices they make in life. By definition, they want to guard you from harm, both physical and emotional pain. Helping you make better decisions would ultimately make that job a lot easier and make them more successful. Guardian angels are reported to have chosen their human, so their sense of duty and love knows no bounds.

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So, are guardian angels a physical creature or a spiritual one? In their entirety, they are a spiritual being, but they can take on a physical body if they deem it necessary. There has been debate before about if your pet could actually be your guardian angel. Following the logic that they can take on any physical form they desire would firmly support this idea. Guardian angels can travel from one physical form to another and skip years in between taking a physical form. We already know that our pets bring us love, comfort, and support. The unconditional love of a pet is often quoted, written about, and praised. Those very same attributes can be applied to a guardian angel, leading one to believe that they actually could be one and the same.

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How Would A Pet Be A Guardian Angel?

When you think of your pet, you think of comfort and unconditional love. Since reason follows that our guardian angels provide comfort and support as well, it is not too far of a leap to think that they take on the form of our pets for the duration of their lifespan. Another point to remember is that our pets are often who we turn to when we have a lot on our minds and need a sounding board. We will hold entire conversations with our pets, although they are admittedly one-sided. We don’t expect them to actually talk back to us, and honestly, we would be quite alarmed if our dog suddenly said, “no, I don’t think that is a very good idea.” We do, however, talk out loud to them and run a lot of our major life decisions past them. Even though we don’t expect an answer or any verbal advice, most people will admit to seeing things a little more clearly after talking to their pet. Suddenly, the best choice is obvious, and we wonder how we did not see it before. New job offers, decisions about our romantic relationships, big geographical moves are all often discussed with our pets. Many people who are recovering, struggling with addiction or personal trials, or who feel hurt or broken in some way feel like pets help make them feel whole and understood. Many people will often say their pet watches them and listens as if they understand every word. Instead of it just seeming like they understand us, maybe they actually do. Perhaps they indeed are our guardian angels listening to our dilemmas and trying, even telepathically, to help us come to the best decision. If our guardian angel wasn’t in the form of our pet, then it would just be this intangible being who would need to find a way to communicate with us when we need guidance.

In addition to emotional guidance and comfort, pets are often reported to prevent their owner from encountering physical harm or danger. Some pets are so in tune with their owner’s medical condition that they can alert them to a dangerous incident that is about to occur such as a drop in blood sugar or a seizure. While some say our bodies give off an odor or a smell before such an incident, others say that our dogs are none other than our guardian angels with infinite knowledge and are merely doing their job. There have been many reports of dogs stopping humans from doing something that later proved to be dangerous or even fatal.

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The Benefits Of A Pet That Is Your Guardian Angel

If we accept this concept, what are the positives of having our beloved pet as our guardian angel? Almost anyone asked would say they trust their pet without question. We inherently know that they don’t have any malicious intent towards us and truly only want to make us happy. With that in mind, we should trust our guardian angel in the very same way. While we are often unaware of any intervention from our guardian angel, it can certainly be argued that they only want to see us happy and that they love us unconditionally. By taking on the form of a pet that we already trust, they make their ultimate goal of keeping us safe and happy much easier.

I think it is more than a little possible that our guardian angels take on the form of our beloved companions when they know we need them most. They can help us make the best choices by simply making us talk things out with our pet. After holding a conversation with another being that doesn’t offer anything other than a listening ear, many people find that the answer is right in front of them and is an obvious choice.

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