Keeping your home and pets safe is our top priority.  Thus, we use systems to help ensure the security of your keys, personal information and house alarm codes.

One of the reasons we chose to move to using our software system, LeashTime,  is for the convenience of use for our clients.  You can access your profile 24/7 to update, request services or check your account.  Another important reason for the switch from our old “pen-and-paper” method is that this system allows care of your pets and home to carry on, seamlessly, if there’s ever a need for a team member to step-in to handle care.  By having instant access to your current information, we make sure you continue to receive consistent care, without missing a beat.

Who Has Access To My Profile?  fingerprint-150159_640

Your profile information is only granted on a “need-to-know” basis.  Thus, Lucy and her Manager can view your profile.  Otherwise, only your active sitters have clearance to your information.


security-265130_640  How Secure is the Software System?

LeashTime’s database information is stored safely and securely on a separate server behind an independent firewall.




What About My Keys?  key-74534_640

Your keys are identified by our selected numbered code and your pets’ names.  If the keys were to ever get out of our hands, they would not be traceable back to your home.  Each sitter secures the keys in their homes.  They only carry the keys with them whenever actively doing visits for you.  The backup key Lucy keeps on file is in a locked safe box in her home.  Her home is protected with a security system.


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