winter-613647_1280Concerned pet parents often ask me the question, “What happens if there’s bad weather?  Will you still walk my dogs / visit my pets?”  So, I thought I’d take this blog opportunity to answer.

Your animals’ well-being is our first priority.  Thus, we take the necessary steps to help ensure their care in all situations.  This may include wintry weather, hurricanes, extremely hot or cold temperatures, etc.  We have Extreme Weather Protocols in place to “prepare for the worst and hope for the best.”

Getting to your home:  We keep our service area relatively small, so your home is not too far from your pet sitter.  Thus, it’s more-likely the drive is manageable.  In the instance of snowy and icy road conditions, because we operate as a team of sitters, we multiply the opportunity for caring for your pets – you’re not dependent upon a single person to make it to your pets.  Thus, if your primary sitter slides off the road or gets stuck, we can call on a backup to take over, until your primary sitter is back up-and-running.  We may adjust the time and length of visits to ensure the safety of your sitters, while still making sure your pets are cared-for.  We’ll keep you informed of any changes to the schedule.

deep-snow-554956_1280What if there is a blizzard or severe ice storm and roads are not passable?  Prior to your leaving town, we make sure to get the contact information of a nearby neighbor who has a key to your home.  In the case of extremely-dangerous road conditions, where we can’t get to your home at all, we will ask your emergency contact to make a visit or two, until the road conditions are more safe.  We stay in close touch with you to make sure you are aware of any adjustments to care or schedule.  In my 8 years and thousands of pet visits, I’ve only had to call on a neighbor on two occasions.  Though it is rare, we make sure to have all bases covered.  Again, “prepare for the worst and hope for the best.”

dog-516878_1280Will you still walk my dog in the snow and ice?  We will be there to make sure your pup gets a chance to relieve him/herself.  However, in extreme cold and heat, we will shorten the walk time to safeguard your pet’s health.  The rest of the visit will be spent with indoor playtime and cuddling.   Here’s a video of one of our puppy clients demonstrating some of the indoor fun he has with his sitter:  “Oscar.”

We’re lucky to live in the south, where we don’t face the months of winter weather and mounds of snow, as in many other parts of the country.  However, at Lucy’s Pet Care we are well-prepared for the instances we do get some of the cold stuff to make sure your pets are safe, healthy and happy, whenever you are able to break away and travel to warmer climates.


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