I love having candles burning in my home.  The soft, flickering light adds so much more interest to an area and ups the cozy factor.  However, also sharing my home with my 2 cats and my dog, I have to be very aware of safety issues associated with open flames.  I want to make sure my home decor is pet safe.  Thus, I’ve compiled this list of terrific pet safe candles options for pet owners to enjoy the ambiance of candle glow, with relative safety for their pets.  You’ll still need to take precautions, as no open flame is completely safe.  But, these are a bit more pet friendly.

Also, be cautious of the candle ingredients.  You’ll want to avoid lead and other toxic materials (fragrance, plastics, etc.).  Soy and beeswax are great options.  If your candle includes essential oils, make sure they are pet friendly, as well.


Using containers that enclose the candle with small, paw-proof openings, is one solution.  These may include carved votive holders or glass-paned lanterns.  Heavy-weighted holders are the best, to best prevent any accidental knock-over by swishing tails or batting paws.

durham pet sitters
Black Colonial Style Lantern / photo courtesy of Amazon
durham pet sitters
Gold Iron Candle Lanterns / photo courtesy of Amazon


durham pet sitters
StarZebra Hand Carved Tealight Holder Sphere Shaped Made From Soapstone / photo courtesy of Amazon
durham pet sitters
Rovien Outdoor 23 Inch Iron Cutout Lantern / photo courtesy of Amazon


You can opt to hang your candles in pretty lanterns.  Just make sure they are completely out of jumping range of your pets.

Or, you can hang wall sconces.

durham pet sitters
Swirling Wall Sconces / photo courtesy of Amazon


I’ve enjoyed flameless candles for years.  My favorite brand is Luminara, because they are the most realistic with moving flames.  Scented options are also available.  These can be safely placed anywhere in your home and are completely pet friendly.

durham pet sitters
Luminara Pillar Candle / photo courtesy of Amazon
durham pet sitters
Pine Cone Luminara / photo courtesy of Amazon

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