Pets like hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs and other rodents are good for people who can only give minimal care to a pet in contrast to the amount of work a cat or dog takes. Additionally, these pets are used as a precursor for parents who are thinking about getting their child a kitten or puppy. Pet rodents generally will live three to five years-much shorter than that of a dog. If you do plan on getting a pet rodent for a child they should be told this so they won’t be suddenly surprised by a death of a pet.

Rodent pets should be examined by a vet within 48 hours of you obtaining them.

When selecting your pet, don’t go out on a limb and purchase a sick looking rodent. With uncommon pets, if they are beginning to look sick, chances are they are knocking on deaths door. You will probably not be successful in nursing a pet rodent back to health; just the stress alone of moving it to a new environment is likely to kill it. You should make sure there is no discharge from the eyes, ears, or mouth before bringing your pet home. You should make sure there is no sneezing, coughing or wheezing as well as there is no caked on stool on the backside of your rodent. These are all signs that’s something is terribly wrong with the rodent and should not be brought home.

When selecting a cage make sure you choose something that is escape proof, has enough room, and is easy to clean. The cages with the tubes may be fun but they are probably going to be way more difficult to clean. Avoid cedar or wooden bedding for your rodents. If you really want wooden bedding aspen is the safest, but you should go with paper.
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When choosing food for your rodents, many rodent owners prefer the pelleted food instead of the random mix food. With the mixed type of food your rodent could pick out what they like and leave what they don’t, resulting in a dietary imbalance.
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You might also want to incorporate fresh foods for your pet rodent, as well.  Most fresh produce is well-accepted by rodents and gives them some fun and tasty variety to their diet.
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The standard hanging stainless steel bottle is the best for water. If you were to use a bowl for water it is highly likely that they would simply tip it over.
Your pet will appreciate a private getaway for sleeping or just to be alone.  A hide box can be as simple as a small cardboard box (it will have to be replaced often but it is economical), a plastic hide box (it may be chewed up), a wooden box (it may be chewed or get smelly), or other things like a half coconut shell, or a small clay plant pot. You can be as creative as you like as long as it’s a safe material for your pet.
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Common to all pet rodents is the fact that the front teeth, the incisors, grow continuously throughout the pet’s life. Overgrown incisors are a common problem and can be prevented by allowing the pet access to pieces of wood and other chewing devices.
And, never fear about care for your pet rodents whenever you need to travel away from home.  We are happy to keep your caged pets happy and healthy!  Simply give us a call and be worry-free!
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