Pet Fire Safety Tips

Pet Fire Safety Tips:

How to pet proof your home from fire hazards

According to a study done by the National Fire Protection Association, house fires in homes that have pets affect 500,000 pets and their families each year. 1,000 house fires are caused by pets. Here are some safety tips with the help of Figo Pet Insurance that will help us pet lovers reduce the amount of unanticipated fires.

  1. Don’t leave an open flame unattended. This is a sure-fire way to have a curious cat or a curious parrot, even, to knock it over.

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  1. Secure stove knobs. It is possible that when your dog jumps up to get that snack that you forgot to put up, that they may accidentally turn the knob.


  1. Avoid candles or put them out of your pet’s reach. Especially if you have a cat. You could try an electric candle instead if you would still like the ambiance of a candle.

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  1. Secure your fireplace. Do not place any fabrics near the fireplace and make sure that it is pet proof.

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  1. Secure electrical cords. Pets can easily chew threw electrical cords and it is a very common occurrence.


  1. Avoid placing glass water bowls on wood decks. A glass water bowl in the sun can act as a magnifying glass and cause a fire.


  1. Keep leashes, carriers, and collars near the door. In the horrible instance you do have a fire, this is a way to get you and your pet out quickly.


  1. Pet-proof a room for young pets. If you plan on leaving an energetic baby fluffball alone for more than a few minutes, it may be a great idea to pet proof an entire room that you plan on keeping them in instead of an entire house.


  1. Have a fire evacuation plan in place.

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  1. Use fire alert window decals. These let first responders know who else may be caught inside, including your fur babies!

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