You’re bringing home a new kitten!  Congratulations on your new fur baby!  Here’s a list of basic supplies you’ll need to make sure your new kitten has everything she needs to be comfortable in her new home.

Food and Water

You’ll want to select low-lipped food and water dishes to ensure your tiny kitten can access rations.  Even a small plate for food can work well.  Provide clean water, daily.  Choose food specifically-formulated for a kitten’s dietary needs.

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You’ll want to provide the proper-sized litter box for your kitten.  Make sure the sides are low enough for her to easily hop in-and-out.  Select any litter that you prefer and that you’ll want to use for the long haul.  Cats are particular and can exhibit unwanted behavior if the type of litter is changed.  You’ll want to keep it consistent.  Place the box in an easily accessible location, not near her eating station.


Fit her with the properly-sized collar with tag.  You want to make sure there’s room for a finger or two to slip between the collar and your kitten’s neck.  Check the fit, frequently, as the collar will need to be adjusted/changed, as your kitten quickly grows.  You might also want to have her microchipped by your veterinarian.  Microchipping does have an initial cost to implant, plus, a yearly fee to the company providing the service.

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Playtime is so important!  Interaction with you helps strengthen your bond.  It also gives her much-needed exercise to grow strong and healthy.  Kittens love most anything they can chase, catch, scratch and bite!  Strings, straws, empty spools, balls of wadded paper, twist ties, etc.  You’ll also want to place several scratching posts and/or pads around.  These will give your kitten a “scratching approved” place to fulfill her natural instinct to sharpen her claws.

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Want more detailed information about your new kitten’s care? 

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