My Pet Hates the Crate. Now What?

Last month we wrote about Crate Expectations and the benefits of having your dog or cat enjoy their crate. But what if you’ve tried and tried and your buddy still hates their crate?

Our first recommendation is to try again. It may be worthwhile to work with a trainer who can put a different spin on their crate because, as we mentioned last month, there may come a time when your dog or cat will need to be crated. Most animals will get comfy with a crate given time.

Here are the 6 most common reasons your pet may hate their crate:

  • You rarely use it.
  • You let him out when he whines.
  • You only crate your pal when you leave.
  • You’ve locked him in a crate with no training.
  • The crate is used for punishment.

However, if you’ve tried using the correct methods and it’s still a no-go, here are some other ideas that may help.

Find alternatives that don’t stress your pet. Maybe a dog exercise/playpen, or a room in your home that you can baby-gate and fill with his favorite toys and bed. Of course, pet-proof the room so your pup doesn’t get into trouble when you’re away. You could try taking your dog with you on errands or to work (if allowed). Some dogs hate a plastic airplane-style crate but are fine in other styles of crate.

Try to train them to chill in the house when you’re away. Leave Fido for a few minutes with a kong or some other safe toy. When you come back in a few minutes later, don’t make a big deal about your return. Gradually increase the time you’re out of the house very slowly, so he is comfortable with you leaving.

Pets should not be confined to their crates for hours on end; it’s not healthy mentally or physically. A great way to alleviate the boredom when you’re gone is with our pet sitting and dog walking service!

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