7 Ways to Memorialize Your Pet – Tips from Lucy’s Pet Care

Being a pet parent is a wonderful, rewarding experience.  Our pets give us so much joy and love.  So, it’s especially-hard when they leave us.  We experience this pain quite a bit with our pet sitting fur babies.  Personally, I recently lost my Squeaky and my heart is broken over missing him.  Even though his body is gone, I still wanted some tangible reminders of my sweet fur baby.

Knowing other pet parents must also face this hard time, as well, I thought I’d share with you ways I’ve memorialized my pets.  I’m also including other ideas, so that you might get some inspiration for ways that fit your needs. 

1. Paw Imprints

This is something you can do yourself, while your pet is still with you.  Or, this can be done by the after life service provider, which is what happened in my case of Squeaky and Tibby.

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durham pet sitter

As you can see, they are displayed differently – Tibby’s in a sweet container and Squeaky’s in a labeled frame.

If you choose to make your own, there are several options to do so:

Dog and Cat Memory Box

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2.  Urn or Velvet Bag

I have Tibby’s ashes in a velvet bag with the Rainbow Bridge poem embroidered on the outside.  For Squeaky, I choose this handsome wooden case with personalized name plate.

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3.  Headstone or Marker

Whether or not you choose to bury your pet, you might want an outdoors marker.

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durham pet sittersdurham pet sitters

4.  Jewelry

durham pet sitters

durham pet sitters

5.  Lock of Fur

I snipped a few bits of Squeaky’s fur to hold onto.   I keep it in this special box.  I know some people add it to the paw print display.

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6.  Donation

This is a terrific idea as a remembrance for a friend who’s lost her pet.  Consider making a donation in her pet’s name to a worthwhile animal welfare group.  Perhaps an organization that focuses on the particular breed of pet.

7.  Sympathy Cards

A handwritten, snail mailed card is always appreciated.  I find some of the best variety on Etsy shops.

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Pet Bereavement Resources for Pet Loss


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