Memorial Day weekend is a great time to be able to relax with your family, enjoy some fun in the sun, and most of all celebrate the ones who have helped create the great country in which we live. And it’s not a true family celebration if someone is left out, Fido included! Here are a few “paw-some” ideas for Memorial Day Weekend fun with your dog.

Go on a road trip

Strap in the family and hit the road. Visit and walk around small towns, take the scenic route and explore the beauty around your hometown. Get a few ideas with these Dog Friendly Travel Spots in North CarolinaDurham pet sitters


Enjoy a family camping trip

Pop a tent and light the campfire for some quality time with the family in nature. Hike around, roast marshmallows, make tin foil dinners (with extra veggies and meat for Fido too), it’s a great way to spend the weekend.


Visit a lake

If camping isn’t exactly your style, try spending  the day by the water where you can your dog can enjoy some lakeside fun. If you’re renting a boat make sure to bring or rent a vest for your dog too. They need to be safe on the water as well.


Dine at a dog friendly cafe

Sometimes kicking back on the porch of a nice restaurant is all you need at the end of the week. A lot of restaurants with outdoor porches will allow you to bring your dog too. Sometimes they even have dog treats and water for them as well. Check out some of these Dog-Friendly Durham restaurants.


Throw a dog friendly BBQ

Have your friends over and invite them to bring their social friendly dogs as well. Serve up some dog treats and veggies for the K9 guests and even set up an obstacle course in the back yard for them. Their agility antics will liven up the party and give them a chance to exercise and socialize. Just make sure that the party is dog-proofed. That means, they can’t get into the trash, keep alcoholic beverages and scraps away from them, plus make sure to keep an eye on interactions with children.

A few safety tips to remember:


No matter what you do this Memorial Day weekend, just make sure to have safely have fun with your family. Because that’s truly what is important.


Happy Memorial Day everyone!

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