ugliest dog
Quasi Modo

Quasi Modo was recently crowned the “World’s Ugliest Dog.”  He is a 10-year old pit bull-Dutch shepherd mix, whose spinal birth defect left him with a bit of a hunched back – thus, his name.  He was abandoned at a local shelter, before being adopted by a veterinarian.  So, how can a dog whose appearance can be a little unsettling to some (per his owner, grown men have jumped on top of their cars to get away from Quasi Modo because they thought he was a hyena or Tasmanian devil) find True Love and a forever home?  Is Quasi Modo just lucky?  How can an “ugly” dog or cat (in appearance or personality or age) ever hope to find a loving home in a sea of cute competition?

Which would you choose?

Why do you love your pet?  

Perhaps your pet truly is “perfect,” which makes him easy to love.  However, most of us have pets with some sort of challenge.  Maybe he was the runt of the litter?  Or his markings are a bit strange?  Or, he is blind or one-eyed?  Or, has extra toes?  Or, is 3- or even 2- legged?  Maybe he has challenges that aren’t visible to the naked eye (heart disease, cancer, allergies, etc.) for which he requires special foods, supplements, treatments or medications?  Perhaps his challenges are behavioral.  Does he suffer from separation anxiety?  Or, does he “go crazy” around other dogs or cats?  Maybe he has potty issues – going potty somewhere other than where is desirable.  Maybe he’s made too many indoor messes to count – destroyed carpets, drapes, hardwood flooring, furniture, lamps, cell phones, etc.  Or, maybe he’s torn-up your lovely landscaping.   Our “special” pets may have cost us lots of time and money!

ugliest dog

So, why is it we still love them?   

I think this is a different answer for each of us.  There’s something that deeply connects us to our pet.  That connection is individual to every pet-parent relationship.  Maybe we can relate to his challenges, because we have similar fears/illnesses/traits.  Maybe it’s our nurturing side wanting to care for a needy animal.  Maybe, it’s simply that we get so much love FROM our pet.

Why do you love your pet?  I’ve love to hear your story!  Please comment, below.

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