What To Do if You Have a Lost Pet – Tips from Lucy’s Pet Care

Losing a pet can be a scary experience, even if it is just for a short while. Hopefully, some of these tips will help you track down or prevent losing your pet.

  1. Check the neighborhood.

It may behoove you to check the close by neighborhoods as well. This will just involve old-fashioned footwork–driving through, walking through, asking letter carriers, etc. If your neighborhood has a list serv, that could be an easy way to get the word out about your lost pet.

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  1. Call the animal shelters.

The humane society suggests filing a lost pet report in every shelter within a 60 mile radius of your home/where you lost your pet.

  1. Flyering

If you still haven’t found your pet you should post notices wherever you seem fit. Some examples are grocery stores, community centers, vet offices, busy intersections, pet supply stores, newspapers, and if you can get local radio stations to say something about it.

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  1. The Internet

These sites were provide by the humane society:

It is important to stay positive even if the search seems futile! There have been reports of pets having been lost for months  finally being reunited with their owners. To help prevent losing your pet you should definitely get a collar if you don’t already have one with info on it. Even a house pet should have one; they are more likely to be returned when they have an identifying collar around their neck. Also, many people are using microchips as permanent identifiers, which you can obtain at your local shelter.

Another way to prevent your pet from wandering off is to not leave them unsupervised. Many lost pets are just bored.  This means making sure their fences and tethers are as secure as they can be, and not leaving them in the car without supervision.

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Training of your pet can also help. Pets are less likely to run off and not be found if they have had proper obedience training and come when called.

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Have you ever lost a pet?  What did you do?  Please comment, below!

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