It’s a myth that all cats just sleep and groom all day.  Even the laziest of cats enjoys some bursts of energy to play, hunt, run and jump.  And, many cats have even more energy…especially, kittens.  They can seemingly play for hours on-end!  And, many times, their owners get worn out before their cats expend all their energy.  So, whether or not you’re a lazy cat owner, or your cat owner friend, might benefit from these toys that offer stimulation for your cats, without wearing out their owners.

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Yvelife Interactive Cat Toys Ball

Yvelife Interactive Cat Toys Ball:  This fun toy is perfect for your cats to chase and pounce around the house.  It has different toys that attach to the rolling ball.  USB charging rechargeable battery is included,cats could play with it for 8 hrs under default mode….that should probably outlast your cat’s energy lol

durham pet sitters
Yuejing Interactive Cat Toy

Yuejing Interactive Cat Toy:   Worm teaser inside moves in irregular pattern.  It randomly moves among 6 different holes.  If you add treats, the worm will push the treats around and out.  Auto Shutoff after 15 minutes of play.  Non-skid rubber feet. 

durham pet sitters
KitNipBox Subscription

KitNipBox Subscription:  Keep your cat from getting bored by giving her new toys and treats every month!  Save yourself time and money by having a curated box delivered to your door every month!

durham pet sitters

Cat DVD:  Keep your cat mentally stimulated by playing a cat-approved dvd movie.  Created especially to entice kitties and engage their attention.

durham pet sitters
Interactive Whack A Mole Toy

Interactive Whack A Mole Toy:   Solid wooden toy with fun characters for your kitty to bop!  BPA-free, safe and non-toxic.  Inspire the cat’s nature, develop hand-eye coordination, help exercise hunting skills, and improve the pet’s mental alertness.

You can also hire a professional cat sitter to come give your kitty socialization, exercise and affection!