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Happy Labor Day from Lucy’s Pet Care!

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It is the last long weekend of the summer. So, don’t forget to include your four-legged family member in your Labor Day festivities! There are plenty of things to do with the whole family! Check out these “pawsome” ideas for having fun with your pet this Labor Day Weekend.


  • Enjoy the Great Outdoors

With the weather cooling off a little bit, it’s a great time to enjoy a nice long walk. Check out the American Tobacco Trail; the long and winding paved road that once was a railroad is a perfect place to wander around with your pup. If you’re looking to get a little more disconnected, check out these great parks nearby that offer camping and other outdoor fun.  There’s nothing like bonding with your dog under the trees, or even better…by the camp fire.

  • Throw a pet friendly BBQ

Planning a BBQ? Tell your guests to bring their social and friendly dogs along! Give them a little action by setting up an obstacle course for them. They will have fun playing all while harnessing their agility skills. Make sure to include them when planning the menu; make them some homemade dog treats and other pet friendly foods (just be careful to not feed them table scraps).

  • Take them out to lunch 

If you’re thinking about trying the American Tobacco Trail, you’re going to need to grab a bite to eat after enjoying walk. Why not take your dog with you to a local pet-friendly eatery. Tyler’s Taproom is right in the district and offers dog friendly seating. Make to check out our Dog-Friendly Durham post for a ton of ideas for a pet friendly lunch.

  • Take a Road Trip

Grab your keys, a few essentials, and your dog. Then hit the road for a some-what spontaneous adventure. Use a website like, pick a location and let the road lead the way.

Labor Day may have snuck up on some of us (I know it did for me!), but it’s not too late to make plans and have a good time.

We hope that everyone has a fantastic and fun Labor Day!  

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